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  1. MKIV HID Replica(HELIX) integrated ballast

    MKIV HID Replica(HELIX) integrated ballast

    Converting the Helix HID replica for integrated ballast
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    Pre 2003 02M Gearbox Input Shaft Axial Play Help

    PM Aaron of Bora Parts. He had the fork fix done on mine before I received it.
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    A5 AC recharge in cold weather. What is the trick?

    After all of that here is what did the trick. I did try to get in liquid. Yes after the fluid comes out of the tank at pressure and hits the cold system it vaporizes at say 50 psi. Hot tank is 150 psi so I should be able to get some weight into the system with the 100 psi push. Not a gram...
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    A5 AC recharge in cold weather. What is the trick?

    Tadawson may have the secret. If I pull a vac and then invert the tank on the scale the vac will pull in liquid which should be more efficient at getting weight in than waiting for the the compressor/condenser to make liquid from gas which it is clearly not doing very well right now. Might get...
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    A5 AC recharge in cold weather. What is the trick?

    Thanks for all the input but I think I covered it and still no charge. H have a refrigerant scale to see what is going in. After vacuuming both sides (schrader valves are open .. now. Don't use Harbor Freight gauge set. I tested on wrecked A5) I introduced the gas at about 40 psi. No current...
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    A5 AC recharge in cold weather. What is the trick?

    I had to do some major engine work on an A5 and opened the AC refrigeration circuit to ease access. After clean room assembly I pumped down the system and attempted to replace with 525 grams of 134a. I can't get the system to take the refrigerant. Low side pressure is 90 psi (heated tank)...
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    2000 jetta tdi battery hooked up backwards.

    What TDI of the neighbors are we talking about? 2000 ALH? There are electronics on the battery side of the key (convenience and control) and those on the car side of the key. All to some extent have over voltage (called load dump) and reverse battery protection. The fuses will usually go with...
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    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    I can't believe it's been 4 years since I attended. The plan is to attend. Need to get jeff's tune in Hanna's replacement MKV. I will be bringing the usual electrical tools. Everyone that is coming ... Please bring any electrical black boxes that are dead (like fan controllers). These can be...
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    Attn: ATLANTA TDI Members

    1977 rabbit diesel long gone 1981 jetta Wolfsburg diesel also gone 2000 jetta tdi, 250k 2006 mkv daughter BF did it in. Lots of parts 2006 mkv replacement (will need cam) Various gasser Audi Lots of tools and experience, no time :(
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    2000 vw new beetle dies coming to a stop

    fuel temp sensor in the pump controls one of the fuel map positions along with rpm, throttle and MAF. If sensors fall outside their expected parameters the ECU makes up values based on other sensors like water temp and infers fuel temp. If this keeps up you get a CEL but the car continues to...
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    2000 vw new beetle dies coming to a stop

    After 100k the fuel temp sensor is a good maint item especially if you have fuel related symptoms. Start with the coolant first. Still have issues then try the fuel temp. There will be fuel in the pump when you change it hence the reason to stay dirt free. No need to empty.
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    mk4 inner tierod ends, potential problems and where to buy?

    Inners are a bear due to the close quarters. It's an easy job if you drop the subframe. Be absolutely certain that the boots are intact and on correctly. Make sure outer boot clips are on. Any water in there will cause the rack to bind.
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    2000 vw new beetle dies coming to a stop

    Diesel is a fabulous fuel but it has its quirks. It is very temperature dependent and the engine relies on sensors to set operating points. Unplugging the temp sensor is a good start because the ECU will use a default value in its place. Better yet, there have been many recalls on these so...
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    Pre 2003 02M Gearbox Input Shaft Axial Play Help

    I have the same box that has similar issues. There was a fix for a problem with 1/2 fork. I will be interested in what you find out.
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    Headlights on DIM don't work

    Do you have access to a volt meter or test bulb? There are left and right headlamp fuses. Test those then check the voltage at the headlamp socket. If that fails or you can't test, purchase a euroswitch headlight switch upgrade. The left and right headlamp feeds go through this sw and the sw can...
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    TDI Tool locator

    Kind of a good idea but here is why it might not work. A vagcom visit and scan is a few minutes at best. An hour if you want to chase down an issue or two. Specialty tools go with special jobs and that means the tool owner is in for the whole repair. Loaning tools to strangers is out but there...
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    In theory the larger injector can get the required fuel in quicker during the combustion sweet spot. You then have to watch the right foot so you don't over fuel for the available air and waste fuel. A tune with more boost fixes that and so the cycle starts ... Fuel-air-power, More...
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    Rattling transmission after SBC and Peloquin install

    I am a bit down on SBC right now due to their disappointing response to the $1200 farce of their special TDI billet flywheel and clutch. Stage three's have been around for a while so that should not be the issue. The rattle is from the single mass flywheel not allowing the jerky motion of the...
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    Programing new key

    Some of the cheap china clones can read the SKC. Different cars from various years get different results. Some clubs have members that are dealer employed and bring the VAG tool to events. Any down under?