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  1. Ragdude

    First VW CC TDI swap

    That. Is. Sweet. I really like our CC, but 50 mpg's vs 34 would be great
  2. Ragdude

    SEL Lighting Package

    I have them on both my '15 Golf and '16 CC, they are fantastic especially out on the open highway with no one around.
  3. Ragdude

    Locked out of my car

    Isn't there a way to use key to unlock door?
  4. Ragdude

    Excessive Engine Movement!! Reverse to Drive

    Absolutely, the other 2 possibly more than the dog bone one, probably take care of the shaking btw 40-50
  5. Ragdude

    Excessive Engine Movement!! Reverse to Drive

    Worn out engine mounts
  6. Ragdude

    2005 Jetta Wagon revised

    But as an AZ car yours should not have rust
  7. Ragdude

    Key will not turn over car after battery disconnected for 2 months

    Bad battery, corroded battery connections
  8. Ragdude

    2015 TDI. Should I buy

    About what're they asking?
  9. Ragdude

    Southern Road Trip Suggestions?

    If you have the time, 191 from I-10 up to I-40 in AZ is an awesome drive. Foe great food; Erics Family BBQ on the west side of Phoenix metro is fantastic.
  10. Ragdude


    Seafoam is a wonderful product in a world of bad fuel.
  11. Ragdude

    Start/Stop feature

    Might be ok in the cooler months, but its hell in Phoenix having the AC turn off at each stoplight. Yes the fan stays running but within seconds its just blowing warm air at you.
  12. Ragdude

    Paying for Rags, Gloves and Other Supplies

    Common in the automotive, HVAC, plumbing, laundry and more service industries. Much like higher end restaurants where you order your meal alacart may seem like nickel diming but the margins are so tight ya gotta think of ways to boost the bottom line
  13. Ragdude

    Diesel prices have been steady to lower since October. Now set to rise.

    Oddly diesel is now the same as rug, here in the Phx metro area $4.49/gal
  14. Ragdude

    Diesel price...

    Careful, ya don't want to get scolded by the canuks, for some unknown reason this thread is only for them.
  15. Ragdude

    Agm or Lead Acid? Whats everyones favorite?

    I believe Costco only carries Interstate AGM , Costco has such an awesome return policy and batteries generally only last maybe 3 years here with our heat , thats why I buy them.
  16. Ragdude

    2015 Golf TDI long crank first start of the day

    I was following this also thinking, how ironic this came up just as my 15 was experiencing this too occasionally. Not even thinking my 12 month old battery could be the culprit, but alas I got lucky(?) and it was a bad battery. Starts like a champ again. Best of luck to those still searching.