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    Lost my side view mirror glass

    I only bought one. Ebay, genuine VW, from some european seller.
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    Lost my side view mirror glass

    I have had this happen three times. Mk5 GTi first time fell to the pavement after flopping. Had to buy a new one. Same car, second time, I was able to use some blue painters tape to keep it from falling out until I could crazy glue it back on to the backing plate. Third time was this weekend...
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    Replacing ac control valve

    Having 45 degree snapring pliers is a big help. A good pair from Knipex will save you from lots of frustration.
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    Looking at a 2013 A3 TDI PremiumPlus tonight

    The A3 has a coolant heater, similar to the Frostheater. Look for the outlet on the driver side foglight grill
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    Looking at a 2013 A3 TDI PremiumPlus tonight

    That looks really sweet! Check if they did the airbox thermostat recall. It really helps the drivability when cold. the original one would get stuck and not move the flap between outside air, and warm exhaust heated engine air.
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    Starter. I hate it.

    Or someone had the terminals reversed when they charged/jumped it............. Plus is always in the front
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    Looking at a 2013 A3 TDI PremiumPlus tonight

    Let me know if you are in need of the cord to plug it in. I have one I can sell for half what I paid.
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    Looking at getting a 2012 A3 TDI wagon

    I had that car as a 2011 and loved it. Wish i did not turn it in. An unfixed car will be a treasure! Stock shocks belong in a buick though. If you do buy it I have a set of bilstein shocks and S line springs ready to sell. And a cold weather cord for the heater.
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    Center dash electronics and spongy clutch woes. 2011 Jetta sportwagen

    Someone else here found that bleeding the clutch with the front of the car raised can trap a bubble. I replaced three 02M clutch release bearings in the past half year and none gave me trouble. Pressure bled one, and vacuum bled the other two. Do not bleed with the floor pedal in the down...
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    2013 sportwagen no crank update towed to dealership

    Drill a 1/32" hole in the intercooler plastic pipe and the water will drain out, but the hole is small enough to not lose any boost. Keep in mind that if you glue on a nipple and put a short hose on it dealer MAY refuse all warranty work. Ask me I know.............
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    clutch pedal on floor - perplexing lack of leaks, fluid loss, or other obvious symptoms - ??

    The supply line from the brake resevoir to the clutch master cylinder is almost at the top, so it may look full, but not cover the nipple. Bring fluid level to the very top and open the bleed valve on the clutch slave line. It will gravity bleed. If that does not help, your slave...
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    2009 JSW just won’t stay aligned. Feels like driving in grooves.

    MK5 cars like to run 5 minutes toe in per wheel. Factory spec is (or at least was) 12 minutes in the rear per wheel, but using 5 reduces inner sawtooth cupping.
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    Is this a vent?

    Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a complete torque booklet (for an Audi A3 but same same)
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    2006 sticking Jetta brakes, where to start?

    The seal for the parking brake pivot in the rear calipers is a known trouble point. Check that the arm returns to the stop when the parking brake releases. If not, try penetrating oil on the seal.
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    Locked up brake calipers: I am at my wits end with this damn car.

    Also be aware that a clogged rubber brake line can act like a check valve. High pressure (when braking) fluid can go through, but return (less) pressure can be restricted.
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    Bolt Size And Thread Pattern N90305304

    Absence of a pitch means normal (course thread)
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    Clutch slave cylinder leaking

    I have a clutch slave cylinder (release bearing) leaking through the bottom of the bell housing on a 2012 JSW with a build date of Feb 2011. 6 speed manual 02Q with transmission code NFP (240mm clutch) Engine code CJA Car has only 75,000 miles. What is the proper part number for a part that...
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    Rear Swaybar choice on '12 JSW

    I have an Eibach solid 23mm on my A3 and even on soft setting its significantly stiffer than the stock hollow 21mm.
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    A3 Which Battery -- Audi honor VW battery warranty?

    No reprogramming required. Roll the windows up and down, and the sunroof to reset the pinch protection. Reset the clock. It's a 10 minute job to swap the battery.
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    DieselGate Void Warranty

    When under warranty, I take a photo of the 5 liter oil jug and filter, and a second of the odometer