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    Alternator Pulley

    I was wondering what resources (manual, youtube video, etc.) you used when you did timing belt replacement? I have a 2015 that coming up on timing belt change.
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    CEL P2271

    Follow up: Replaced the oxygen sensor 2 weeks ago and all is well. Still don't know if the fuel gelling up was the cause of the sensor going out or if it was jsut time for it to go... either way everything is running fine.
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    CEL P2271

    Hello, 09 VW Jetta threw a CEL P2271. Quick back story, Last week we have below freezing weather in SE North Carolina and one morning the car would not start. I suspected the fuel gelled up, so I place a battery maintainer on, and then used some some radiant heat for several hours and just let...
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    $3,000 timing service

    OUCH! I would definitely look for a trusted mechanic in the area. Like OH says, the timing belt still has plenty of miles left on it so I would worry about that yet. If your mechanically incline most of the things listed are pretty easy DIY.
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    FCP Euro

    me too....
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    Problem with air distribution

    Not sure to which particular group to put this in because it covers a wide range of vehicles. My problem: 2015 VW Golf tdi The manual climatic control. When you turn the knob to switch from floor vents, to center dash and to defrost position it kind of gets stuck in one position, but if you...
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    TDI jetta diesel additive to use and how often?

    I use Wynns Diesel fuel treatment at every fill up. Like everyone else, dont know if it works but I never had any issues with either my 09 Jetta (270,000 + miles) or my 15 Golf (70k miles). It does make me feel better.... but this is my .02 cents...
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    Belly pan bolt sizes?

    This is what you want.. M8x20
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    GTG in Pennsylvania

    The L'oe show is rapidly coming close. Check out the updates, schedules and Vendors that will be attending. Hope to see some TDIclub members there. I'll be there driving a white Golf MK7 tdi with NC plates. Check out the link
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    JSWTDI09 Don Strait Passes away

    RIP! Don, you will be greatly missed... :(
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    Repeated Dead Batteries

    I don't believe 2006 Jetta is affected by battery coding. The battery coding is on models with start stop system which was not available back then.
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    LIFTING a mk7 TDI Sportwagen thread

    I purchased the B2BFAB kit, but have not had the time to install it. Hopefully, I will get it installed in the next month... It looks straight forward.... will post when installed
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    Original battery - finally died with no advance warning

    I was wondering what little hand battery your using?
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    Replaced fuel filter, I am an idiot

    Where in NC are you located?
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    MK7 - DIY thread

    Timing belt change for the MK7 TDI. Here is a great DIY video
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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    I found a great Youtube video on replacing the timing belt on MK7 TDI if anyone is interested
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    GTG in Pennsylvania

    Not sure if anyone is interested but here is VW gtg coming in Sept... I have already requested off from work and I'm planning on attending.. Looks like it will be fun! Check out the link
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    My Rad Fans are haunted??

    Had a similar problem with my Mk5 jetta, replacing the fan assy fixed the problem.
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    Missing tray

    I'm curious if the "5 minute oil change" used the appropriate VW507 oil. If they didn't have the proper oil filter, I doubt they had the right oil.. just my opinion..
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    Timing Belt service

    They have treated me well in the past...