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    importing TDIs (and other diesels) from other countries

    The b5 quattro are still commanding strong money for tidy examples, however you can get the pd engine swapped quite easy in the AFN drivetrain although the pd made AJM quattro Is more fun and tunes easy with bv43a turbo and ARL injectors.
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    Skoda fabia mk1 ATD to ASZ swap

    You might need the driveshafts and linkage for the gearbox if different to yours (ex: 5 speed to 6 speed conversion), clutch and flywheel and possible slave cyl as it’s different between the 5 and 6 speed boxes.
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    Skoda fabia mk1 ATD to ASZ swap

    They are a direct Swap. I take it that you keep your existing gearbox, yes ?
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    Turbo advice - 1Z powered bus

    You have many journal turbos to choose from, some are very good and ready for serious power on their native platform. A very cheap turbo is the gtb2056vl from Volvo, another one is the gt2056v from the Vito/ML 3.0 tdi, the Audi gtb2056vk is also a very good turbo -rarer but still available...
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    Engine swapping non-pd engine to ARL 150 or PD130

    You better sell your car and buy the one with the engine you like ! Much, much cheaper !!! But where’s the fun in that ?
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    Compound 3.0TDI

    I am on the principle Kiss (keep it simple, stupid !), with the way component protection works nowadays it will be many summers before you get reliable power out of your a5 ! Compound da are nice when are tried and tested, mapping them right is another kettle of fish ! Good luck with your...
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    1.9tdi ahu, Suggestions for upgrade from a gt15 please.

    Some larger nozzles (t4 2.5 tdi 150bhp) will overwhelm the stock gt1749v turbo. I would get the gt 1749va from the pd130 mk4 if I was to do it again ! These work well with larger nozzles and hammer mod…
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    1.9tdi ahu, Suggestions for upgrade from a gt15 please.

    Swapping to a vnt turbo couldn’t be easier, you will need a gt1749v turbo, the intake pipe from it, a couple of boost pipes, the exhaust manifold flange to weld to your existing down pipe( needs welding on a different angle to stop the driveshaft run onto the down pipe) A N75 valve and a pair...
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    Advice for project daily 1.9 BXF

    The injector nozzles to go for are the AL from the pd130 ASZ or pd150 ARL engine, they will fuel enough for 250 bhp, your clutch/flywheel and gearbox won’t like the 400 Nm torque from these ! If you can swap the 02m box and shafts from a golf mk4 it would make more sense than trying to put the...
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    Advice for project daily 1.9 BXF

    These hybrids are hard to control because of tiny exhaust housing/turbine wheel and they boost “creep” massively ! When they do the IAT increase highly and also on boost they have high EGT as well. I had the “pleasure” to work with such a hybrid a few weeks ago, boost request was 2.7 bar and...
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    Compound 3.0TDI

    After taking a drive In a couple of v6 tdi with hybrid gtb2260vk and even taking a passenger ride in bobbys a4 I can tell you that an s300v with the right mapping is mental ! 500-600 bhp is a fricking lot of power in any car (regardless if diesel or petrol) and the 1/4 mile times/terminal...
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    Compound 3.0TDI

    I wonder why ? Single turbo push power over 450 bhp with stock like response…the v6 tdi is perfect displacement for driving big turbos ! Even the gtb2260vk based hybrids work well on them big torque lumps and they have gearboxes able to take the bump in power !
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    Profiturbo Poland Wrocław

    It’s a gtd1752vrk, ball bearing, gen 4 VNT turbocharger with ball bearing cartridge…one of the best on the market !
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    Advice for project daily 1.9 BXF

    Them 1752v turbos are hard to control, best get a gt1749vb from the pd150 in there and if you ever need larger turbo you can fit the gtb1756vk turbo cartridge in there with minimal fabrication. Your clutch is the weak spot in your recipe, best look for an upgrade if it starts to slip !
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    Boost Creep with muffler delete and stage one tune? (BEW)

    Its not entirely true! Tiny turbos and especially hibrid of these usualy use a larger compressor but keep the same small turbine which can overspeed when driven too hard - especialy with high boost requests. Thus tells us the tuebine to comlreasor ratios are not optimal and it results in boost...
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    Golf 4 AHF engine 300+

    The ve engjnes can produce power alright, they have more revs than the pd tdi so our Finnish friends favour the ALH on their tractor pullers ! However, price per bhp is half on a petrol on high power builds…diesel has its place but it’s crippled by TDC, a CR engine is far superior from that...
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    Golf 4 AHF engine 300+

    If you have the budget to do all the mods then i suggest you buy a sports car, you will spend more money and it will be questionable if it will make the power! You have 5-10k euro to strebghten and modify your existing car which will still require so much work to make reliable. Alternatively...
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    Parts for a 1.8t 4motion B5.5 to TDI conversion?

    The Octavia was offered with AWD, 5 speed gearbox and 1.8t 150bhp…rare sight though !
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    Valve Float RPM

    What Boost are you running ? Valves float with high boost and/or high revs, I personally fit twin valve springs and talers on everything that gets 5500rpms and 3 bar of boost…anything below that it’s not really necessary unless you find yourself downshifting/miss shifting really often !
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    1989 MK2 Golf TDI - Dirty Diesel

    Yeah, my turbo is still vacuum controlled...for now...