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    New 2015 Deal Offered Me

    ^^ This!!!! The dealers here are ridiculous with their added fees, most refuse to budge on them at all, and they definitely won't budge knowing they flew you down here and you can't easily walk away from the deal once they get you to the dealer!
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    Don't forget to cancel your extended warranty before you give your TDI back

    That is odd... I wonder if they just have more cancellations to process now that buybacks are underway, or if the problem is something else... either way hope you get your refund soon! I almost forgot that I called in to my dealership too a few weeks before my buyback and they promised they...
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    Don't forget to cancel your extended warranty before you give your TDI back

    I live 100 miles from the dealer I bought the car from and refused to drive that far just to have to deal with BS like you did, so I called the number for the warranty company and they told me exactly what to mail/fax to get my refund. I mailed the docs rather than faxing them, but it did take...
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    Fidelity warranty and Buyback customers

    You shouldn't get your hopes up, it is a prorated refund.
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    Fidelity warranty and Buyback customers

    I bought my car at a dealer 100 miles away and refused to go back there for the refund... I called into the support number for my refund immediately after completing the buyback. They told me exactly what documents to mail in and where... I had a check in a couple weeks, and i didn't have to...
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    Strippers beware

    Turned in my beetle with no mats, stereo head unit, or spare/tools today... The settlement person asked about the headunit but was fine about it when I said it was aftermarket and removed. I think any stripping beyond that would be a no-no/raise flags
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    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    Agree completely, did my buyback today and my insurance is now cancelled. If something happens to the beetle now they can go ahead and try to sue me haha :D
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    For those doing the buybacks but still have an outstanding loan...

    I am pretty sure loan contracts often state minimum insurance policies, therefore it does have an effect on the insurance one has to keep. Also lightstream is a reputable company from what I can see, and they have pretty good rates... they aren't payday lender! I wouldn't really go through the...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Just picked up my 535i today, It is an amazing replacement and I love it. I am starting to feel very sad to have to turn in my beetle, and I will definitely miss the mpg! ...but, 30mpg with 300hp and awd isn't too shabby
  10. 535i xdrive

    535i xdrive

    535i xdrive
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    My point was for someone looking at a BMW to know that silly things like this that generally come with any 50k+ car aren't standard (like they were on my beetle for half the cost). But, It's not like it never gets cold at all in florida! I'm getting my car used so i'm not paying the 800...
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    Anybody Else placed in wrong mileage bracket?

    Side note: if your adjusted mileage is supposed to be 30126, why not just wait until early january and get bumped into the 25-30k mileage bracket and make more money?
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Congrats! I am curious to see how the real-world mpg is from the alltrack/sportwagen 4mo... I just don't understand in 2017 (edit: well I guess we are still technically in 2016 lol) how it gets only 30mpg when a bmw with awd and 300hp from 5 years ago gets 29. (though I did forget about the...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Thanks! One random thing to know when looking at BMWs is that the sedans don't come standard with folding seats (or heated seats and some other options that should totally be standard), so if that is important to you make sure it has the option!
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Decided against a new GTI and instead i will be going to pick up a 2011 535i xdrive this Saturday. It has 72k miles and is out of warranty (still have bmw maintenance for another year)... That is definitely daunting on a BMW but the car is in great condition and has a perfect history: one...
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    Timeline after offer is notarized?

    Also scheduled my appt. yesterday (12/12) and was able to get 1/4/17 as the earliest date. I only really have one convenient dealer, so I didnt check around to see if I could get one sooner.
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    Offer Letter Just Received

    I got mine today too (Finally!!!)... VW credit, docs approved 11/2, received offer 12/8... But I was almost surprised to see the letter was dated yesterday (expecting it to be dated earlier)... luckily that was the only unexpected part of the offer :)
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    Hello Dec 5 (AKA the 21st business day), will you have my offer today?

    I also had my docs approved Nov 2nd. Based on people with earlier dates, It looks like we should get our offer within the next couple days, fingers crossed lol! I'm trying to stop caring since this is taking forever and I've resorted to the fact that this buyback isn't happening by the end of...
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    $1000 loyalty incentive is all we should expect.

    Hopefully it is just because the loyalty offer expired (with basically all the offers) yesterday, and VW took down the special offers from their site. They haven't put any of the december offers up yet, so hopefully it comes back! It would be pretty rediculous if they got rid of the loyalty...
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    $1000 loyalty incentive is all we should expect.

    I've seen Truecar is slow to update for a couple days after offers end btw... The 1000 loyalty is showing up on VW's special offers page again now, along with all the sign-then-drive incentives, BUT they are listed as good through today (Dec 1st) lol. I'm assuming this is a typo, and they...