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  1. passatpete

    Another TDI in the family

    Congratulations. I love my Passat TDI. You probably know its not the dreaded timing chain (the Passat does not have one) but the balance shaft chain that is the problem.
  2. passatpete

    favorite VagCom tricks?

    No annoying light or bell for the seat belt. (I ALWAYS wear mine - and don't need the reminder)
  3. passatpete

    "Italian Tuneup" and B100

    Wide Open Throttle (floor it)
  4. passatpete

    Salt Lake City Balance Shaft Upgrade

    I am in Orem, and have a Passat with the gear driven balance shaft module. PM me.
  5. passatpete

    Another one bites the dust! <or, I'm a dummy>

    Nearly a quarter of a million miles. That is a huge number for a car that is only 5 or 6 years old. You must drive all the time. Well - if your car is toast you got more out of it than many ever do.
  6. passatpete

    Starter cranks but car wont turn on

    Had similar issues with my 99 1.8T. That year has an ignition control module mounted on the top of the airbox. Replacement curred my problem. Hope this may help.
  7. passatpete

    HELP!!!! Any one?

    check that all the hoses got reconnected correctly - no missing clamps - check for any leaks in the turbo/inlet track ?????
  8. passatpete

    Jump from 2005 Wagon to a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen?

    I disagree with that assessment. in a Jetta you are almost rubbing shoulders with the front seat passenger.
  9. passatpete

    Engine Groan-like noise at 90K Miles

    I had mine done at Gunthers VW in Coconut Creek, FL. They have the expertise to do it right. Good luck.
  10. passatpete

    Tires for 2005 Passat

    Still I find it interesting that all over the world wheel diameters are still measured in inches.
  11. passatpete

    Messed up...big time...begging for advice

    I have VCDS and live in Orem. Let me know if you want to use it.
  12. passatpete

    Mystery electrical issues

    I agree - a new 219 relay should solve the no start issue. See this thread for more info.
  13. passatpete

    MAF Question

    Thanks for the input. Problem turned out to be a bad Ignition Control Module which is a common failure on the older 1.8T engines. More recent 1.8T don't have them. Sorry for the non TDI post.
  14. passatpete

    MAF Question

    1999 was not affected by the coil pack recall. The problem did not follow the coils when swapped, and the unplugging the MAF kept the code from re-occurring.
  15. passatpete

    MAF Question

    Is there any chance that the MAF from my 2005 BHW engined passat could be swapped into a 1999 1.8T (AEB) engine to aid in troubleshooting a problem? Quick synopsis of the problem. VCDS shows random misfires on all cylinders and misfire on Cyl 1. Coil pack and spark swapped with no change...
  16. passatpete

    passat vibration on acceleration

    I once experienced a fuel filter clogging up after 5000 miles. The symptoms were reduced acceleration, and EXCESSIVE vibration that increased with throttle application. I don't know if this is your problem, but may be worth looking into.
  17. passatpete

    Utah Members

    Fyi Autobahn has moved from Provo to Orem. Their address now is: 1358 W 400 S Orem, UT 84058 Phone number is the same. They seem to be very VW savy. I have had them do a timing belt replacement on a Passat 1.8T gasser. I have no experience with them on TDI issues. Their website is...
  18. passatpete

    Utah Members

    Count me in for the GTG on 26 June. Looking forward to it.
  19. passatpete

    2005 Passat TDI fuel filter questions

    I just ordered a 20,000 mile filter kit from IDPARTS (formerly TDIPARTS) a well respected vendor. I received a Meyle fuel filter with a made in China sticker on the side of it; 2 MANN oil filters marked made in Mexico; A MANN air filter marked made in Germany; and an activated charcoal cabin...
  20. passatpete

    Utah Members

    TDI in Orem Long time Passat owner. One year TDI owner. I have a 05 Passat with the BHW PD engine. Located in north Orem. I have Vag-Com (VCDS) with a Key/KII USB cable which I am glad to share with other VW owners. I also have the Bentley manuals on CD.