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  1. CT_Gman

    Bosch settlement

    It says MAY receive UP TO $350... Out of the total amount Bosch had to pay, you think the lawyers are not getting paid first? Have a nice day.
  2. CT_Gman

    Bosch settlement

    There won't be much to send after the lawyers get paid.
  3. CT_Gman

    Truly Sad. The extent of the recall hits home.

    This ^^! BTW, not every person can afford a Mercedes...
  4. CT_Gman

    Why GM is betting on the Diesel

    Statistics never lie, but statisticians do... Your point is well stated! Nothing is ever well defined by a single metric.
  5. CT_Gman

    Post your rarest manual find!

    It looks to be in great condition. Keep us posted on it's progress!
  6. CT_Gman

    Goodbye... and thanks for all the help!

    I also wish to thank everyone involved with this forum; it is a valued resource! I may never have another TDI in my lifetime, but at least for now, I still have a VW (1.8T Gen 3) Best wishes and thanks again!
  7. CT_Gman

    Interesting conversation

    I turned in my Golf today and got a similar message from the specialist at my dealership. He said if anyone tries turning in a "stripped" VW, (whatever that means to VW), they will be turned away. He made me start the car and drive 6" back and forth for proof that it was driveable. He was very...
  8. CT_Gman

    6 speed in a TSI

    With the torque of the TDI I usually shifted from 3rd to 5th, so I guess it was essentially a 5 speed! I have a 6 speed in my TSI; 6 speed auto with tiptronic. So, it can shift the same as a manual if you want.
  9. CT_Gman

    Cancelling SiriusXM - Another Buyback Related Hassle

    This ^^ Been there, done that too! I get 2 to 3 offers in the mail each month for a 6 month subscription for $30 (at the end of that period it would go to the "current rate", whatever that is). I find the fidelity of the signal disturbingly low and will not subscribe, I have told them this...
  10. CT_Gman

    My car just flunked AZ emissions!

    My Jetta has the 1.8L gas "gen3" motor. It is a stroker design with peak torque at 1500 rpm. Very nice motor. Mine does not have all the driver aids (lane departure, blindspot, automatic braking, auto parking, etc) for the same reason you state; I don't need that crap!
  11. CT_Gman

    DAP and LP?

    Since you have to enter your VIN, and that details every option on your car, why do they need to ask any questions about equipment?
  12. CT_Gman

    Parting ways with my Golf TDI, but what next?

    If you want to stick with a VW, test drive a GLI. It would be in your price range and meet your criteria. I just changed from a 2011 Golf TDI 2 door manual myself, but I went with a Jetta Sport (no longer made after 2016) to contain costs, but retain some of the GLI features.
  13. CT_Gman

    My car just flunked AZ emissions!

    Good deal. I live in Pinal County, so no tests for me. Using the same reasoning you have, I bought my replacement in August when they had a blow-out sale on Jettas. Hope you find a replacement that works for you. Keep in mind that it could take a couple of months from when you submit to when you...
  14. CT_Gman

    A proactive Dealership...?

    "There is no such thing as a free meal", they want something in return. I like the idea of organizing a crowd to attend. Maybe we could do a mannequin challenge? ;)
  15. CT_Gman

    Looking into a 2013 VW Passat TDI

    I just turned in a pristine 2013 Passat TDI. It was a great car and as said, nothing on the market compares in terms of drive-ability, fuel economy, and room. We had only one issue, and it was with the AdBlue injection system which was covered under warranty.
  16. CT_Gman

    They should make a movie about the buyback

    I agree. George Clooney can play me in the movie...
  17. CT_Gman

    Has anyone returned a stripped TDI yet?

    Good luck, I hope it goes Ok for you. Do you have the names and titles of the people who told you it would be Ok to turn in that way?
  18. CT_Gman

    Saw a car carrier full of TDI's this morning...

    They only have a chance of being repaired if it will make economic sense to do so. Using VW's cost for parts and labor, (and BTW where is the labor going to come from), and the hauling and other logistics costs, there will need to be a profit made. The cost of acquiring the car is already a sunk...