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  1. creekfreak

    No AM reception or Sirius

    This just happened to me, no AM or Sat. Dealer said it is the base and they want to charge me $300 to replace the base. Does anyone know how hard it is to change the antenna and how to do it?
  2. creekfreak

    Engine check light

    My 2009 sportwagon just rolled 36300 miles, 300 miles out of warrenty and my check engine light came on, glow plug light flashing and my radio quit working, all on the same day. The stealership told me to pack sand and wants to charge me close to 100 bucks to read the fault code. It look like...
  3. creekfreak

    Wheels frozen on, strut already removed!

    I have ran into this same problem. The way I got it off was get some WD-40 and spray where the rim meets the rotor and let it sit overnight. Then take a rubber deadblow hammer and whack the s%&# out of it. I should pop off.
  4. creekfreak

    Aux input jack for 09 Jetta

    Pushing it twice worked! Why doses the owners manual say to do something different????:confused:
  5. creekfreak

    Aux input jack for 09 Jetta

    I haven't tried that, the manual says to press and hold, but it only goes to CDMIX mode. Thanks.
  6. creekfreak

    Aux input jack for 09 Jetta

    I searched the site and was unable to find an answer to my question, so here it goes. I bought my 09 Jetta TDI about a year ago and just got an MP3 player for Valentines day. I tried to use the AUX input jack and followed the instructions in the owners manual and I still can not get it to work...
  7. creekfreak

    '09 Jetta TDI Buyer's Remorse

    I just bought a Sportwagen in June and I threw up in the dealers bathroom at the thought of having a car payment again after 6 years without one. But, I love the car and filling up once a week compared to 2-3 times a week makes me feel better!
  8. creekfreak

    Clean Diesel Fuels Volkswagen's June Sales

    I'm glad that I did my part and helped them bring their sales up, I just bought a Sportwagen TDI and it was the last 6 spd in the Cincinnati area. They are hard to find. Makes me wonder why they don't make more.:confused:
  9. creekfreak

    Buying advice?

    Stay far away from the automatic. Mine only have 43,000 miles and it crapped out. They are junk and rarely last part 120k, a standard is the only way to go.
  10. creekfreak

    Back in a TDI again after 5 years.....

    Congrats on the new (used) car. I had a 2002 Jetta TDI that I bought a couple of years ago, unfortunatly I bought a auto before I found this site. Just recently I bought a new 2009 Jetta TDI Sportwagon, only this time I got the 6 spd!
  11. creekfreak

    You know you're obsessed when....

    I got a TDI because of the fuel mileage, But now I love it because it IS a TDI!:D
  12. creekfreak

    munual trans. installed

    Try searching the site. tons of threads. Best one: search "Kill Da Auto Wabbit"
  13. creekfreak

    Roof rack for Jetta

    I have a Thule rack that I keep on the car all the time for biking and kayaking. It is a good setup using the factory pegs. I also put the windscoop on to help with fuel economy (no noticeable drop). The only down side that I have found is that The wind noise is louder with the sun roof open.
  14. creekfreak

    02 Beetle TDI - auto trans oil change interval?

    The only service interval I found was in a Haynes manual and they recommend 100k, but the others are correct, VW says no service. 100k sound like a long time to me. However when you change it you must replace it with VW automatic transmission fluid or and other brand that is a "life time" fluid...
  15. creekfreak

    New TDI mod questions

    Don't look at the horsepower, My A4 only has 95 stock and has plenty of go!
  16. creekfreak

    Just Finish Installing Boost/EGT Gauge

    The website that I used was
  17. creekfreak

    Just Finish Installing Boost/EGT Gauge

    What took so long? I was going to order these gauge tomorrow. Is it just installing the EGT sensor?
  18. creekfreak

    5w30 or 5w40

    Dieseldorf Thanks for posting all of those charts. Good stuff, I have never seen them and it really helps break down the different oils!:D
  19. creekfreak

    Release date of new Jetta SportWagen TDI?

    I can only tell you what the dealer rep told me at the expo. Maybe he was wrong, I don't know. I just thought he might know since he was representing the car.
  20. creekfreak

    Subaru Outback gasser vs TDI Wagon

    I own both a TDI and a Subi. We bought our Subi with 8 miles on it and it now has 140k and still going strong. Like has been said before make sure you get timing belt work done. I havedone mine. Really eazy to do. The hardest part is to make sure both cams are on there timming marks (need a...