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  1. Cailean

    FS: 1997 Jetta TDI - 289905 kms

    This car has been my commuter for about 4 years... I'm an honest guy, so here's the anti-sales pitch: motor and mechanicals are strong (as far as an amateur like me can tell) I've never had the TB done, so I have no idea how long it's been the body is rusting out... some trim bits are missing...
  2. Cailean

    What does a bad wheel bearing sound like?

    hmmm... no gurgling. I can only hear it in certain speed ranges... 70-110 km/h in particular. I'm going to do a thorough check of the tires and pressures - and try to not to get frostbitten in the process! ;) Thanks all for your help.
  3. Cailean

    What does a bad wheel bearing sound like?

    My 97 Jetta TDI has developed a low whine or hum that increases with speed (not revs). It sounds like I've got winter tires on - but I don't. Does this sound like a wheel bearing? Something else?
  4. Cailean

    Confirm MAF failure?

    Thanks, rdkern... I haven't been able to reply since I was locked out of my account for some reason... Anyway to answer your questions: Air filter looks fine - but I'm going to replace it this weekend anyway. Intake clogged? I don't think so. Not noticeably, anyway. Haven't tried cleaning the...
  5. Cailean

    Confirm MAF failure?

    I've done all the searching and reading about MAF, smoke and low power that I can - I just need your help to pull it all together. Symptoms: lots of black smoke under medium/hard acceleration. lack of power in the upper range. (not limp mode - dealt with that last year with a new N75)...
  6. Cailean

    'Limp Mode' Troubleshooting in KW/Cambridge

    Hey folks, I need to perform the steps described here: If anyone in the KW/Cambridge area has done this before - and has the necessary tools - I'd appreciate the help. Unfortunately, I'm a bit pressed for time too. The car is going into the...
  7. Cailean

    Parking brake warning light on dimmly - intermittent

    I see this from time to time when I have to cycle the engine at speed to get out of limp mode... if I cycle the key too quickly, the engine restarts with out the key going all the way to 'start' with the side-effect of the parking-brake light staying dimly. don't know if that helps you...
  8. Cailean

    Silicone tubing for my B4

    No - it was in tip-top shape, and I was in a hurry - but now that I'm still going into limp mode, I'll go back and do it anyway... ;) No, not exactly clear on how I'm supposed to do that...
  9. Cailean

    Silicone tubing for my B4

    So I finally got around to replacing all my lines... since I'm a bonehead and ordered the lengths listed in this thread (I have an A3, not a B4) I have more left over than usual... Most of the black lines were fairly straightforward 'cept for those factory clips! The red & blue lines, however...
  10. Cailean

    B100 now available at TTT

    Finally took the 40 minute detour to TTT for my first tank of Bio... Folks are indeed friendly and you just can't beat the price! I need to get myself some cans so I don't have to go out there for every fill-up... The only cans I can find to buy are 20L (@ Cdn Tire, TSC, etc.) - is there...
  11. Cailean

    Ontario TDi owners listing

    1) Jetta_Pilot Toronto None yet Y 2) PharoahTDI Innisfil General Y 3) kayakkermit Woodstock General Y 4) Kasper Belleville general Y,bentley 5) decan Toronto none yet N/N 6) BlueKnight Waterloo General Y,bentley 7) Vik F Bolton (GTA) many N. 8) Ohmagoo, Hawkestone, don't know , N 9) Benjibird...
  12. Cailean

    FS: MK4 jetta golf wood trim complete kit for 4 door cars.

    Woody Jetta! I'm really sorry, but I just CAN'T resist any longer...
  13. woody-Jetta


    A concept woody Jetta... ;)
  14. Cailean

    Need an avatar?

    No problem.:)
  15. Cailean

    Need an avatar?

    couldn't think of a better place to put this... If anyone wants an avatar like mine, let me know... I can do different colours, too...
  16. Cailean

    Importing Diesels from Europe?

    I hate the fact that the other manufacturers don't bring their diesels here... I wonder how crazy expensive it would be to import, say, a diesel Chrysler minivan from Germany, for example - even a used one. (the growing family won't fit in anything at my VW dealership...) Any one have any...
  17. Cailean

    Goose call sound when shutting down car?

    Funny, I was just about to post about a honking sound... :) Mine comes when I start the car, though, and it's somewhere between a squawk and a screech. It lasts for about a second and doesn't seem to be realted to anything - sometimes it'll happen 3 or 4 starts in a row - and nothing for a...
  18. Cailean

    FS: MK4 jetta golf wood trim complete kit for 4 door cars.

    A woody TDI! Sorry about hijacking your thread, but I just had to share... The first time I read the title of this thread - I immediately pictured a 'woody' TDI - y'know with the wood bits on the outside...:D Sorry, now back to regularly scheduled buying and selling...
  19. Cailean

    N75 Valve and VAG Com

    You could search for 'limp mode' or just go here:
  20. Cailean

    A new site launched today ( that lets you search and browse renewable energy project around the globe - including BioDiesel. (Press Release) Users can add their own projects (theirs, or ones they know about) so let's get all those BD co-ops and manufacturers in there. I...