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  1. Fogcat

    2014 sportwagen shimmy at speed, don't think it's tires

    Similar experience here. It would start about 45 and go by 55...over time it got worse. It was axles. I was told "it happens to these" by a knowledgeable mechanic. Never had anything like it before. Replacement did fix it...ymmv
  2. Fogcat

    Identify a part for me

    I had to replace the connector to the exhaust for the flap just before the flap malfunctioned. It was replaced with the extended warranty for "the fix". It sounded like a chain bouncing and jingling while driving down the road. Interesting way to hear how it works.
  3. Fogcat

    How to fix rear brakes dragging? Already adjusted Parking brake cable

    Just a thought here. I had to replace a caliper because of the piston boot was causing it to drag. You can check the cables easily from the caliper (under the car but I believe you already know this) and the back pressure on the brake handle. Because of how the piston twists, I think it makes...
  4. Fogcat

    Dealership DPF replacement under emissions warranty - what's replaced?

    I had this done not too awfully long ago. Info that oilhammer shared was very useful. It was an extremely stressful experience that VWOA had to be contacted over but the dealership capitulated and complied with the warranty. DPF was cracked. The entire emissions system components were replaced...
  5. Fogcat

    2013 TDI Suspension noise?

    Does it also happen when turning the wheel? Broken spring end can do that.
  6. Fogcat

    Odd vibration

    We had almost exactly the same issue. Turned out to be the axles! We had to replace both, I was told it was a common problem for older JSW.
  7. Fogcat

    Lost my side view mirror glass

    I had this happen and just bought the "glass". I used silicone to reattach and put the glass back on. (The silicone was the heat resistant kind. Black I think, not sure I remember which for sure) It worked like a charm. I am sure that this is not the proper way but was highly effective. Also...
  8. Fogcat

    Calvin & Hobbes ‘WAGEN

    How did I miss this? FANTASTIC!!
  9. Fogcat

    How are K&N air filters?

    Another point involved....If you ever needed to take it to a dealer and such a filter was in there; No warranty, you voided anything like that. If warranties are not involved, the other info given should make it clear. I had a real fight on my hands about OEM filters with a dealership when I DID...
  10. Fogcat

    Battery Box to Air Cleaner Intake Attachment removal

    I put a little petroleum jell on the nubs. Here where it gets cold can make them VERY difficult to work with from time to time.
  11. Fogcat

    Exhaust Flap replacement guide

    I have had to make that repair and OIlhammer is spot on. Those clamps were worse! A little Dremel work and emery cloth made all well. BTW, NAPA has the part as well if you can't or do not want the wait time.
  12. Fogcat

    Front passenger vibration after driving a bit

    Having experienced something VERY similar; I concur with Lug_Nut above. Our vibration slowly became worse and more often. Rotating tires, changing rotors (both these seemed likely in its own time) did not stop it. It was both axles degrading. Temperature loosened the joints. There was NO...
  13. Fogcat

    Radiator Support / 1K9805588A vs 5K0805588G ?

    I just used the dealer parts database and it identifies the 5K part as positive fit for my car (2011). It also lists the 1K part as positive. Odd but maybe interchangeable? Notes say 2010 to 2011, yours is 2012. Maybe that is the difference. Inputting 2012 it reveals only the 1K part. Likely the...
  14. Fogcat

    Steering Wheel vibration & "failed" CV axles?

    I had to replace both axles recently. Went through checking wheels, tires, etc... I used OEM axles only to replace (local expert shop; not dealer, replaced them) problem solved. New tires ONLY after replacement with an alignment and 1 new wheel that had a crack in it. The tires were due and the...
  15. Fogcat

    2012 VW jetta sport wagon tdi comfort control module

    Did you save your coding? If replacing you need to code the same. I am NOT an expert by any accounting but there are some in this forum. I did replace the CANBUS in my older passat wagon (2007) and was able to accomadate since I saved the proper settings before replacement. I dont know if this...
  16. Fogcat

    Engine cover

    IDK...In colder seasons it would be a plus. I do not see any change in the temp gauge (I know thats not precise) I just leave it since it was designed that way and I don't want to give VW any reason to say I violated warranty, or anybody I eventually sell to for that reason too.
  17. Fogcat

    p2002 code and vehicle inspection due -clear and keep going or take to dealership for fix?

    I have tried to explain this issue with my son but don't have the technical expertise expressed above. Gasser set intervals seem easier to explain than the TDI. It is good to have actual experience speaking instead of nebulous "informed guesswork; the second instance being myself. Thank you...
  18. Fogcat

    Normal Clicking?

    A thought here. The exhaust flap...ours mad a clicking, sometimes chain rattle sound as well. I was totally unsure what it was at first but a CEL changed all that.
  19. Fogcat


    I've changed hubs on really wasn't that hard (rear hubs that is). If the well threads arent too bad; trying to routinely clean up the male threads with a dremel wire wheel saves lots of heartache. Just an FYI, trying to help future probems. A tech destroying your hardware is always a...
  20. Fogcat

    Hood stuck closed after using wiper "Service" mode

    Ditto on the latch "sticking". It just needs periodic lube. Road salt just seems to like to get in least here abouts it does. Use a little penetrating oil like PB Blaster or something like it. It will free up.