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  1. JetPuf

    Jeep / Mercedes 3.0L CRD Engine

    The OM642 engine seems super reliable, all things considered and the pure number of them installed globally. I need to find someone locally who would like to help me with some projects on mine.
  2. JetPuf

    SW WA/Portland OR

    This used to be a pretty active group up here in the northwest. It's quieted down a lot over the past few years though.
  3. JetPuf

    Looking for a tint shop around Portland...

    The half-toning on any car is difficult to tint. back in 2010 Tommy's did a group buy with TDIfest. Their tint is excellent and their installation is first rate!
  4. JetPuf

    TDIClub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO)

    I need to get some beauty shots of what we traded in our 2010 JSW for... a 2010 X164 GL350 Bluetec with 84k miles. The misses was looking at cars with 3-rows of seats and this checked all the boxes!
  5. JetPuf

    p0544 Sensor 1 for exhaust temp bank 1 (G235)

    I ended up taking it to the dealer. 2.5hrs of labor and it's done. Between not feeling well with a head cold and continually struggling with the tooling to remove the part it was time to get it back on the road. They did good work, at a reasonable price. cost for the part plus the labor to put...
  6. JetPuf

    p0544 Sensor 1 for exhaust temp bank 1 (G235)

    We had this code show up again... Fixed under warranty back in 2011. Now it's our dime. Thank you VW for the $500 cash card. I purchased the sensor from my local dealer. I made the tool like 2micron did using a sacrificial harbor freight 17mm impact socket. it broke immediately. I called a...
  7. JetPuf

    Official list of HPFP Failures

    Year: 2010 Build Date: April 2010 Make/Model: Jetta Sportwagen Tranny: 6M Mileage: 82155 Diesel Fuel Source: Safeway (uses Tesoro B5 fuel) Additives: No Problem: Was driving to the store with the windows down through the neighborhood, I noticed that there was a squeeking/squeeling sound coming...
  8. JetPuf

    WTB 2000 golf injector pump

    Yes. They are a scam. Do some searching around for them on Google.
  9. JetPuf

    North Bay Area GTG?

    I've just been thinking about when the next one will be... or where?
  10. JetPuf

    See our new toy

  11. JetPuf

    8th Annual PNW BoraParts/Fixum GTG August 17, 2013

    I will be there with my daughter mid morning until nap time.
  12. JetPuf

    Anyone running this performance clutch?

    I have a DC3 single mass with the silent disk in my '98 beetle. I absolutely love it! Come on down to Portland, you are welcome to take it for a spin.
  13. JetPuf

    What did you do to your car today?

    Well, yesterday.... Installed new fog light bulbs, is stalled new speakers... The 14 year old ones were blown.... And repaired a cold solder joint in the convenience control module. I'm hoping that was the gremlin I've been chasing to fix the intermittent dome light, and trunk light. Still to...
  14. JetPuf

    SF / Bay Area Fall GTG Sight seeing for Saturday the 20th

    Hey all! I'll be attending the Bay Area GTG, bringing down parts and representing Bora Parts. The main event is of course Sunday... What do people think about a Saturday sight seeing activity? A couple ideas I have -Bay Drive (drive around the bay... no bridges across) -Golden Gate Bridge trip...
  15. JetPuf

    Tdi gear heads in portland

    Pats acres would be awesome!!! Aaron and I have been talking about a week-day trip there... to avoid crowds...
  16. JetPuf

    August 4, 2012 - What was once 'Westfest', now Fixum/BoraParts Summer GTG!

    Also make sure to bring pop-up tents and the like. It's going to be a HOT day! 92 is what I'm seeing on the forecast right now!
  17. JetPuf

    August 4, 2012 - What was once 'Westfest', now Fixum/BoraParts Summer GTG!

    I think Aaron's a little Mistaken. It's a Green and Gray building. I think he's back to being in Oregon. Gray is the new Blue ;-)
  18. JetPuf

    Portland area VW dealers?

    Shannon at Armstrong is an awesome guy to deal with. He got me and my wife the sportwagen we wanted at a little over invoice. He also helped arrange for a few cars at TDI fest a couple years ago when it was in Portland. Give him a call. He is a very great guy to deal with. Their service...
  19. JetPuf 02J 5 -> 6 speed Conversion Kits!

    I'm still being super gentle in the high gears since breaking in a new DC3 clutch. It should be able to handle the power fine. Surprised you blew apart 4th..
  20. JetPuf

    August 4, 2012 - What was once 'Westfest', now Fixum/BoraParts Summer GTG!

    I'd cast a vote for chip repair too. I have a couple from the Cali GTG's I need to have repaired.