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  1. Jetta SS

    MKIII TDI Reliability

    Been my daily since 2004. My worst failure was the heater core, by far the most difficult repair I've done on the car. Plenty of minor repairs over the years due to maintenance. Solid clutch, I'm still riding on the original.
  2. Jetta SS

    What's your stereo setup?

    I've read some threads on here years ago where they did the full dynamat treatment and expensive sound system.
  3. Jetta SS

    Rotella t6 alternatives

    Apparently it's only sold at Advance Auto Parts. Service Category: API: CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4 SN, SM, SL, SJ Has the same api rating as the Rotella T6 anyway, but not finding any other documentation.
  4. Jetta SS

    Rotella t6 alternatives

    So oil change time is coming up. I've been trying to find Rotella 5w40 that I've always used and it's been out of stock for a month. I've been regularly checking quite a few stores - wal-mart, tractor supply, and auto parts stores. The guy at Advance auto showed me some Fram 5w40 diesel oil...
  5. Jetta SS

    Clutch Judder K7003801

    My car does this too. While cold. Once it's warmed up it stops. I'm still running the original clutch.
  6. Jetta SS

    List of issues

    Understandable. Hopefully it goes to someone that will fix it rather than scrap. Must be a lot of VW people in Pensacola. Usually when I browse the classifieds I see a lot of heavily modified stuff for sale there.
  7. Jetta SS

    List of issues

    Going to get a long block coming or throw in the towel?
  8. Jetta SS

    List of issues

    How many miles are on it? Seems like a lot of CELs for a misfiring cylinder.
  9. Jetta SS

    Anyone here live in Arizona?

    Used to go there every 4th of July for the city wide waterballoon fight. Very hilly town, it was a challenge driving a manual there.
  10. Jetta SS

    Update on my B4V

    Where are you purchasing the engine? I've been on the lookout for a 1z/ahu myself.
  11. Jetta SS

    1997 passat tdi wolfsburg - turbo issue

    I replaced mine earlier this year. I went with a used one from Dutch Auto. It was under $200 for the turbo and gasket kit.
  12. Jetta SS

    1Z motor hard cranks forever before starting... help

    Another common one is injection pump leaking somewhere. You'll smell the diesel, maybe see some in the pump area.
  13. Jetta SS

    No start AHU mystery after running great

    I seem to recognize some of those codes from a no start I had. I had forgot to reconnect the IP electrical plug after doing some work. Maybe take a close look at the ip plug/wiring.
  14. Jetta SS

    Bought my first car and it’s a TDI, unfortunately it’s a bit of a lemon, what now?

    A little off topic, but OP is not the only one to make this mistake. My mother overfilled her engine with oil a couple years ago. It died on her and she towed it home. I came over and drained it to the correct level and started it up. It was making a loud knocking noise and before I could...
  15. Jetta SS

    Diesel @ $2.60 and Regular @ $1.40 per gallon.

    One station by the house has diesel for $1.39, .39 more than rug. Then right down the road the spread is .70 with higher prices. I don't try to make sense of it.
  16. Jetta SS

    Replacement for rocker body plugs

    Right on time, I just noticed all the missing plugs last time I was underneath. We've got a good selection of knock out plugs for electrical panels at work. I'm planning to see if any of those match up.
  17. Jetta SS

    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    I envy you guys with the cheap bills. I've got a 3600 sq ft house with a 1000 sq ft MIL suite and a pool, all electric 5 occupants. In the summer my bill is around $460. Fall, winter, spring I'm around $260 I'm going to look into solar, then maybe selling.... this and the property taxes...
  18. Jetta SS

    Gurus please help diagnose (seized head?)

    Sounds like a clearance problem of some kind. Once assembled and tightened it binds. Do the pumps sit flush before tightening? Could the IMS bearings possibly be worn enough to cause it? I've no experience here, just throwing out what I'd look at.
  19. Jetta SS

    limp mode back

    One other thing I did is I vented the CCV to atmosphere. I have a ton of pressure, blowby? coming off the valve cover. Thinking this may be a contributing factor to the issue. Still looking into this, but it has me concerned that I'm due for an engine rebuild or swap. I'm only in the 480k...