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  1. whatnxt

    Lack of used TDI's after 2015

    My 2012 Golf was non-Def.
  2. whatnxt

    Q5 buying advice

    Sounds like you are pleased with your new ride. (y)(y) After two years, for us, it is the best vehicle that we have driven. So much fun.
  3. whatnxt

    VAG 3.0 TDI Real World MPG

    For overall mileage, aerodynamics and weight will play a large part. The A’s are smoother than the Q’s. With our Q5 with the “fix”, we range from 29 to 36 MPG. Town only I have seen only 24.
  4. whatnxt

    WTB: Q5 tdi, greater Seattle area

    Great find. You will enjoy the new ride. Adding the Fogs for Cornering Lights and courtesy windows are the other adaptions that we have found useful. I also added the white/yellow fog light bulbs. Yellow works great in the snow/fog and white in the country. Have you picked a shop yet to do...
  5. whatnxt

    WTB: Q5 tdi, greater Seattle area

    Good luck with finding a good Q5 TDI. We love ours. Look for a Premium Plus with Tech as a minimum trim level. B&O stereo upgrade is nice. Get the factory towing package if you plan on doing towing. Got ours (2015 Q5 Prem+ with towing and Tech pkg) from the Ford dealership in Snohomish (WOULD...
  6. whatnxt

    Cold weather starting tips and advice!!

    And don't forget adding an anti-gel solution to the fuel tank. Winterized diesel from the pump may not be enough.
  7. whatnxt

    Glass cleaner recommendation?

    I use Zep window cleaner. Get it at Home Depot. Works for the sun we get here in the PNW. Only clean the inside every couple of months.
  8. whatnxt

    WTB: 1.9 ALH 5sp, Western WA

    There a few on the Seattle Craigslist.
  9. whatnxt

    04 BEW VNT 17 boost creep issues?

    Take a log and contact Malone Tuning directly on their site. As said, these are not just tune and go. I had the boost creep issue on my PD and it took six different tunes to address the issue. In the end, boost was limited to 18 psi below 2000 rpm and then 22 above that. With the original ”box”...
  10. whatnxt

    Scoping out a new TDI

    Nero Morg Congratulation on your purchase. Enjoy. My Q5 TDI puts a smile on my face everytime I drive it. Just did a trip to the Oregon coast. 36 mpg. 80 is way too easy to cruz at. 🤪
  11. whatnxt

    Scoping out a new TDI

    (y)(y) Good choice. Let us know what you think after your drive. Might still look at a Q5 just for fun.
  12. whatnxt

    Scoping out a new TDI

    What low numbers are your refering to? With my Q5 (same engine as the Q7), I'm getting 34-38, mostly highway driving. Around town, around 30. Much better than the gassers. Reliability of the TDI 3.0 and the ZF 8 speed transmission is good. Remember that you would have some of the extended...
  13. whatnxt

    Advice for new Q5 owner

    Note: For the service kits, they include 9 bottles of the trans fluid. Changes only use 6 bottles as the trans will not fully drain.
  14. whatnxt

    Advice for new Q5 owner

    Congrats on your new purchase. Here is a list of stuff that I put together for my brother. He just purchased a 2015 Q5 TDI Prem+ with only 21K miles on it. Drove it back from Dallas area to Spokane WA. About 2200 miles. Averaged 34 MPG. Loves the car. Sites for information...
  15. whatnxt

    Seeking to buy any moment, but Life expectancy?

    Might look at changing the transmission and other drivetrain fluids. Audi says that the trans fluid is "lifetime". ZF, the manufacturer, says change it and the filter at 60-70K.
  16. whatnxt

    Newish to me TDi (a few months now) and seems to be driving even better?

    The tune does not "learn" or adapt to a new driving style. Winter diesel and cooler temps will change fuel economy. The main difference, IMO, is that you are learning how to drive a diesel vehicle and this car in particular. "Stab and go" is not the way of diesel. Get them warmed-up and roll-on...
  17. whatnxt

    Q5 3.0 TDI - 87K

    Congrats. What year, trim and options? Color? I just purchased my '15 Q5 TDI three weeks ago. Forth TDI. Love it so far.
  18. whatnxt

    Back with a TDI

    Well, after 4 years without a diesel, I'm back. New to me: 2015 Audi Q5 TDI Premium +, Tech Package, factory hitch, B&O sound, clear guard on the front body, lights, and mirrors. Only 51.5K miles and always serviced at the dealership, to the extent that the 65k service was done due to time...
  19. whatnxt

    Golf MK6 TDI Skid Plate Question

    Might check and call here: I put one on my Mk6 Golf and it fit well. Good upgrade.