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  1. arazvan2002

    Engine swapping non-pd engine to ARL 150 or PD130

    Regarding the engine, you should take the entire engine with harness and ecu. Then you thibk aboit which gearbox you want to use, better take it with the engine and axles. Also take airbox with maf, intake pipe and all that is related to air. From what I know the fmic from arl is not plug and...
  2. arazvan2002

    New to tdi mods need advice

    Flash the pre dieselgate software. But it depends if someone checks software version.
  3. arazvan2002

    Turbo upgrades

    A real GT18 should have the Mercedes turbine shaft from GT1852 turbo, 44.5-40, and it would probably match better the 56 compressor than a gt17 turbine. GT/VNT15-25 Turbocharger Turbine Shaft and Wheel (704580-0001 704580-0016) ( OE COMPRESSOR WHEEL NUMBER: 704580-0001...
  4. arazvan2002

    B5 Passat ATJ remap

    I want to say something about that. To clean burn that quantity you need around 1.5bar after 2500rpm. Is what is used on an engine with GT1749VA, like AWX/AVF engines. Flash the file with the corrections that I told you and make logs, for IQ, maf, map. You will see that with 2350mbar at 4000...
  5. arazvan2002

    B5 Passat ATJ remap

    You should have attached some logs here to everyone to know what's happening on the road. Why did you completely closed the vanes at low speed. The only thing you need to do on N75 is to open them on last column to avoid overboosting. You didn't modified driver whish on last column, at least...
  6. arazvan2002

    ALH soft coding misfire

    Please write the hole story. What car do you have, modifications and which ECU. Is probably that the automatic coding to be for different combo of injectors and maybe pump than the manual coding.
  7. arazvan2002

    B5 ATJ ECU question

    Sometimes is hard to flash it on the car. Other modules are interfering with flashing tool, but it works very good if you bench it. MPPS works very nice on these. I've flashed hundred of times this ECU's.
  8. arazvan2002

    B7 Audi A4 BHW swap

    For starting, you can use the BHW ECU, it should be ok, but plug it and check with VCDS. BPW engine have other injectors (same flow as ARL ones). After you will pair BPW Ecu with cluster, then you should mod your software to pair with the injectors. (you can PM on that matter). For wiring and...
  9. arazvan2002

    What info comes over OBDII

    Hi. It depends very much on the client who is reading the data. In theory you can read all the data that is available in VCDS. A generic OBD application can't do that, but one which has some settings specific for VW, then you would be able to read any sensor value. If engine has oil pressure...
  10. arazvan2002

    Burpod Tuning

    What PD do you have, maybe I can help you with it.
  11. arazvan2002

    Map Sensor 4 Bar

    Search on the internet, it has been documente. Do you have experience in tuning? There is a 2x1 map which have to be adjusted then some diagnostic "limiter" to see more than 2600 or 3000mbar.
  12. arazvan2002

    Burpod Tuning

    You'are welcome, burpod. EDC15 has a lot of potential, even if is old, if you dig in enough. I'm glad that so many people are happy with your work. I even recognize here some of the cases we talked about :) Some things have to be tested by yourself to be able to understand and develop, and...
  13. arazvan2002

    Cr170 and 4 bar map upgrade- what’s needed

    Maybe for CR there is not enough info, not many passed the limits of 3bar sensor. If you search for PD engines, the subject is very elaborated everywhere. Long story short, you shouldn't install any other sensor without software adaptation. They are working differently (different curve) and for...
  14. arazvan2002

    PD Injector swap BMM/BPW ?

    If you have BPW, buy BPW injectors. Are the biggest OE you can install. Otherwise, buy ones with bigger nozzles, if you project requires. If you install other PDE type, BIP maps need to be adjusted accordingly, and it's a lot of useless work since the BPW ones are just ok, size wise.
  15. arazvan2002

    DMF Designs

    What adamss24 is trying to is is that the DMF for late 1.9 AVF (2004-2005) and 2.0TDI are a little different from previous ones. The same is used on A6C6 and Exeo CR on all power levels. The clutch kit is different on the 170HP models, with stronger pressure plate. This model of DMF comes with...
  16. arazvan2002

    PD170 turbo on 1Z

    If it's a Passat B5, then the stock oil drain should be fine, also all other connections.
  17. arazvan2002

    bv43 chip help

    Check this thread all info related to turbo is there Where are your from? As adams24 is saying, this combo is best plug&play you can get for 1.9/2.0 8V longitudinal engines.
  18. arazvan2002

    Allroad BHW Swap - ABS & ECM issues

    Install a diesel pedal throttle. Probably the one from Passat will fit, but you have to do some cross checking in ETKA to see if it fits physically.
  19. arazvan2002

    BV43A chra into BV43

    Then get a used BV43A. I know a guy who installed Mellet in gt1749VA and it's ok... Regarding the swaps I told you, one was with QWP CHRA, one with Mellet and one with OE bv43A.
  20. arazvan2002

    BV43A chra into BV43

    what are you waiting for? I have tuned few cars with this combination (both were 1.9PD AVF), they bought new cartrigde for BV43a and installed them in used BV43 housings. end of story. Go fo it. It's the best plug and play upgrade that you can do.