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  1. ChiTownPilot

    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    My car was returned on 12/16 and the loan (Bank of America) was paid in full as of yesterday (12/30) morning.
  2. ChiTownPilot

    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    Well I guess you can add me to the list as well. I returned my TDI on the 16th so Friday would have been 5 business days. I called Bank of America and they do not show any pending payments. They told me to check back on Wednesday due to Christmas possibly delaying things. I'm paid in...
  3. ChiTownPilot

    Sad Farewell

    "Fear of something failing" Funny you should say that... ever since I started this buyback process I swear my Jetta has become self aware and is rebelling against me. Roughly 2 hours after submitting the notarized papers a rock gets kicked up on the freeway and promptly cracks my windshield...
  4. ChiTownPilot

    Sad Farewell

    Yea I really like the size of my Jetta but with a 75mile drive each way to Ohare for work, I kinda wanted to see what AWD was all about. I cross shopped the IS with an A4 and 328xi and in all honesty... they all drive very well (there's a reason they can price them where they do and I doubt...
  5. ChiTownPilot

    Sad Farewell

    After the constant worry of major Diesel components possibly failing out of warranty and costing me thousands of dollars, I wanted a car that looks good, drives well, and has a good longevity reputation. The Lexus hit all those points IMO, and has the best CPO program of any of the premium...
  6. ChiTownPilot

    Sad Farewell

    I share your sentiment and had similar plans for keeping my Jetta for a very long time. At the end of the day, I had to take emotion/attachment out of the equation and realize that I was being offered WAY more money than my car is currently worth and from a financial standpoint it was a...
  7. ChiTownPilot

    NW Indiana Buybacks begin 12/3

    Received the email this morning to schedule my buyback. Scheduled it for the 16th at Team VW. It appears as if the scheduling software might force you to schedule at least 2 weeks out. My first available buyback appt was 2 weeks (to the hour) from when I logged on.
  8. ChiTownPilot

    NW Indiana Buybacks begin 12/3

    They are my preferred dealer as well. I returned my notarized forms on the 21st and still haven't heard anything as well. Hopefully we will both hear something soon.
  9. ChiTownPilot

    Buy Back Spreadsheet - Track our buyback status

    Or find a topic or thread you are not passionate about and make random comments to build up your street cred... This forum gives out participation trophies... all posts count the same regardless of usefulness :)
  10. ChiTownPilot

    Buyback with DPF Delete

    Dan: When is your buyback date?
  11. ChiTownPilot

    Turn-In Condition Thread!

    Based on this thread, I think I already know the answer but... can I assume I won't be penalized if I return the car with a silver dollar sized rock chip in the windshield? Got it within an hour of submitting my notarized buyback forms (I think the damn car is self aware).
  12. ChiTownPilot

    Got an offer email

    Does the offer include information on what happens in the event you pass into the next mileage bracket? Can they just make the adjustment at the time of return assuming you select EFT?
  13. ChiTownPilot

    Got an offer email

    I called my bank and they said checks this size can take up to 2 weeks to clear! EFT is immediate. Might want to rethink getting an old school check if you need the money quickly.
  14. ChiTownPilot

    FAQ: 2015 Jetta Rattles

    Thanks for the info VodkanDiesel, looking forward to seeing the picture. Does anyone have any more info on this "metal clamp" that the Service Bulletin addresses? Is it something the end user can do (perhaps after getting the parts from the dealership) or does the dealership have to do it...
  15. ChiTownPilot

    2microntech - Helping to Keep Your Common Rail VW Alive!!

    What is the current delivery estimate if one were to put themselves on the waiting list today? I'm thinking about ordering the kit around the time my powertrain warranty is up and was curious about current lead times. Thanks for any insight guys!
  16. ChiTownPilot

    Daytime Running Lights out on 1 side

    I wonder if the "bulb socket" that holds the bulb is interchangeable from right to left? Seems that would probably be the next cheapest/easiest fix if it is faulty for some reason. Try swapping sides (entire assembly: bulb and socket)... Might get lucky.
  17. ChiTownPilot

    Fog Lights for a 2012

    Color me curious as well. Has anyone purchased the complete kits that ECS Tuning has for sale?
  18. ChiTownPilot

    ***The Driving Game*** - picture scavenger hunt v2

    Win... What's the next challenge?
  19. ChiTownPilot

    High pressure pump warranty

    Kinda curious as to why they cutoff the extended warranty at the 2012 models. It is my understanding that there have been at least a few 2013/2014s that have had failures as well. Did VW perhaps make a slight change to the pump design starting in 2013 that would lead them to exclude them from...
  20. ChiTownPilot

    2013 vs. 2014 - Any differences?

    The 2014 should have an independent rear suspension and backup camera. Also, I believe the only way to get push button start is to also get navigation and automatic climate control, so the 2014 may be equipped a little better depending on what features you want.