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  1. Cogen Man now a good time to buy a TDI?

    I know of a 2011 Golf TDI at Kingston Subaru for sale. $17,900. It's been there since last June 2015. I was the owner. They can't give it away. It's a bit of a distance from you but a phone call away.
  2. Cogen Man

    Operating temp in 2.0 CR TDI

    If you have a 2013 I'm betting you have the cold weather package that includes the coolant heater. Plugged in and a few hours on a timer will help. A grill block is also very helpful. You can make your own or check out IDParts.
  3. Cogen Man

    Radiator Fan Running Some good reading for ya.
  4. Cogen Man

    Why is Esso so $$$

    I've only filled on the reserve about 6 times. Never had a problem. A coworker of mine fills up his Ranger with gas and uses their diesel also. He's done it for years with no issues. For me it's not worth the drive from Kingston. Only fill on the reserve if I'm in that area.
  5. Cogen Man

    Rough start after sitting overnight with 40-50F temps
  6. Cogen Man

    Rough start after sitting overnight with 40-50F temps

    Do you know how old the battery is ? Try the block heater for about 2 hours prior to start in the morning. See if that makes it easier to start.
  7. Cogen Man

    Why is Esso so $$$

    If you don't mind a few minutes drive check out the fueling stations on the reserve. Some folks say it's crap diesel. I've used it with no problems. Also check out
  8. Cogen Man

    My 2001 Golf TDI gets a new coat of Tornado Red

    Now that looks amazing. Like a new rig. And no car payments, sweet !!!
  9. Cogen Man

    Selling a TDI in a post #Dieselgate world Mass recall ordered.
  10. Cogen Man

    Selling a TDI in a post #Dieselgate world

    That would be a safe bet. A buddy of mine just picked up a 2015 Tig with a trade of his 2011 Golf TDI. He signed the deal 2 weeks ago.
  11. Cogen Man

    Selling a TDI in a post #Dieselgate world

    Traded in my 2011 Golf TDI about 4 months ago on a 2015 Subaru Crosstrek. The Sub dealer gave me $16000 Canadian for the TDI. It's still sitting on their lot as of yesterday. Might be their awhile. :eek:
  12. Cogen Man

    Windows Tinting - do they have to remove the door panels?

    My 2011 Golf TDI and my 2015 Subaru Crosstrek both had the door panels removed when the shop tinted the windows. Took the guy about 30 seconds to remove the door panels. A couple of screws and using a tool popped the push pins out. Haven't had a rattle from any panel. Its all in the tint guys...
  13. Cogen Man

    Air Filter Replacement Interval

    6 years or 60K is what they say. Not sure what the severe duty interval is. Shorter of coarse. In your dusty situation I'd shorten it to the severe interval whatever that is. Many here say not to open the air box to inspect the filter because you don't get a good re-seal. Not really in agreement...
  14. Cogen Man

    heat in the winter

    Winter grill block from IDParts will help.
  15. Cogen Man

    "Total" brand oil?

    I've used it in my 2011 Golf TDI since new. Use Mann oil filter.
  16. Cogen Man

    Off road farm diesel in fuel system

    As Brian said ^. It's all ULSD. Red dye is only for tax purposes. No harm will come to your car. Now you need to educate that dealership on diesel fuel.
  17. Cogen Man

    Extended Warranty

    That's exactly what my wife says about the extended warranty.
  18. Cogen Man

    Won't start :(

    If it was showing 12V on your meter with the engine running you have a charging(alternator)issue. The meter should be showing anywhere from 13.9 to 14.5 volts. Give or take.
  19. Cogen Man

    AC starts COLD then WARM then 60 You might find something in the above. Could be a bad RCV (Refrigerant Control Valve)
  20. Cogen Man

    Meet Diesel

    Now thats the best looking Diesel I've seen ever. ;)