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    Chris Farnham (3193) passes away, 3/8/15

    Very late to this, but just learned from a friend of Chris's passing. Between my friends, family, and me, we've purchased 7 cars from Chris. He was truly a one-of-a-kind. Despite my dad working for a Porsche/Audi/VW dealer for over 30 years, I gravitated to Chris after finding him on TDI Club...
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    How Are The DSG Trannies Working Out?

    Well, technically speaking it is on its third generation, if only the second chassis iteration :p Yes, we established a few posts up that the BEW and DSG were introduced at the same time, in 2004.
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    How Are The DSG Trannies Working Out?

    Unlike a typical manual transmission, the clutches in the DSG are wet clutches. Meaning, they are bathed in oil and the oil is designed to wear rather than the clutches. Also, the same fluid lubricates and cools the entire transmission. The New Beetle TDI was available just about since the...
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    How Are The DSG Trannies Working Out?

    Just FYI the first U.S. VWs to get the DSG were the '05 New Beetle TDIs. Then the Jetta followed when the MkV cars were introduced as '05.5 cars. If you're looking at a 2004, it's got the older torque converter auto.
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    Sorry, can't help you with part #'s, but head on over to and share the pic with them and they should be able to get you the information you need.
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel and Volkswagen Touareg TDI Go Head 2 Head

    As far as I know, the least expensive GC diesel and Touareg TDI are within about $1,000 of each other. Load them up with options and then, yes, you can get close to the ML pricing. However, equip the ML comparably to the loaded GC and Touareg and you're well over $60k. As for this review...
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    Traction Control Button Install - The Abridged Version

    What about cars with Kessy? The start/stop button takes that first spot and it looks like the ESC switch has two rounded corners and two square corners; i.e., meant for the left end spot.
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    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 VW 507 00

    The data sheet says it's compliant with VW 507.0, so my assumption is yes.
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    '13 Beetle gets coolant heater option, but no love for Jetta or Golf TDI??

    Check out VW's website and you'll see that the '13 Beetle TDI offers an optional coolant heater, but the Jetta TDI and Golf TDI don't get this option. What gives, VW?? P.S. You'll also see that an alarm is no longer standard equipment on the Jetta or Beetle, but remains standard equipment on...
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    APR Tuning now offering a tune for 2.0 CR TDIs!

    I'm guessing your dyno graph has smoothing turned on so it evens out the peaks and valleys. APR is a legit company and I trust that they wouldn't release this software if it didn't live up to their name.
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    APR Tuning now offering a tune for 2.0 CR TDIs!

    APR releases 2.0 CR TDI software...170 HP and 297 lb-ft!!
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    Exhaust Flap - Weak Link in Emissions System?

    I take it that your car was purchased before the end of '08 and therefore it's out of the B2B warranty?
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    Automatic Window Feature Problem '09 Jetta

    Wow, bringing a post back from the dead. I posted that comment over two years ago. Not sure why you felt the need to comment on it twice this week :confused: Do we know for a fact that pinch protection is active when the car is off and using the remote to close the windows and moonroof? If...
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    VAGCOM For HID's in 2010 Jetta

    You'll lose the high beams by doing this.
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    VAGCOM For HID's in 2010 Jetta

    Maybe try emailing them through here?
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    New Passat TDI confirmed for U.S.

    Wow, having just read through several pages of this thread, I'm honestly shocked to see how many people feel almost entitled to certain options and features. I got news for you, not including features or including extra features that may or may not have been disclosed up-front is common to ALL...
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    VAGCOM For HID's in 2010 Jetta

    I've owned VCDS, nee VAG-COM, for over 10 years now and I will be the first to admit that they seem just a little cocky and arrogant at times, particularly for non-owners. Do some searching around here and you'll probably find the guys that have fitted HIDs to '10 Jettas and they might help you...
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    VAGCOM For HID's in 2010 Jetta

    Tried to reply to your PM, but I guess you're too new to receive them. The bulb out warning and the flicker are caused by the cold diagnostics still being turned on and the car not being coded for xenons (w/o shutter). I believe you are correct, that the option for xenons w/o shutter is not...
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    Aftermarket HID Xenon kit

    Have you plugged the factory lights back in to see if the CEL will go away?