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    Free trailer hitch

    I'm selling my Passat back on May 11. If someone wants to take the hitch off they can have it. I'm close to Pensacola, FL
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    AdBlue consumption

    Just did 50k service and it tool 2.5 gallons. Same as the 40,000 service.
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    The dealer said they had to do a chemical flush on mine to get the system clean. Hope they got it clean. I'll take a sample and see if anything settles out.
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    Dealer called and VW is paying for the heater core. I take it this Thursday.
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    Just had the dealer look at my 2013 Passat for heater core problem. We are waiting on VW customer care to get back with us. I'm at 42,700 miles.
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    VW TDI goodwill package: Offers $500 Visa cards & $500 dealer credits to TDI owners

    Mine was in the mail today. It took about 5 minutes at the dealer to get activated. I registered on Nov 13.
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    Which gear (automatic transmission)?

    I just put mine in D and go. I'm about 1300 lbs with bike and trailer.
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    RNS 315 problem

    My Nav will be working fine and then show off road. This will happen on the interstate and a few minutes later it is working fine. It has happen when navigating a route. Once I turned around it started working again after a block and when I followed it instructions and did a 180 it went off road...
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    Ram 1500 diesel pickup sells out

    My Dodge Dakota had transmission problems under warranty. That was fixed and I sold it at 120k with only normal maintenance. It has 265k now and the person I sold it to has had no major repairs. My 3/4 ton Dodge diesel I sold at 250k and was over 400k last spring. I'll look at the new ones.
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    Trailer Package for 2012 Passat TDI SEL?

    I just installed the Curt 11234 today. It was easier than the trailer lights wiring. Hitch took about 1 hour.
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    New 2013 Passat

    I picked up my Passat with sunroof and nav Friday. Sold my 97 Passat yesterday two hours after putting it on craigslist. Wife is happy now. Great weekend.
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    1997 Passat Gulf Breeze FL $2000

    1997 Passat Gulf Breeze FL Sold Sold Just bought a 13 Passat TDI so this one need to go. It has 243K miles on . Runs great and will use 1 to 1 1/2 quarts between oil changes. Cluster was replaced at 153,336. Tom's in Columbia, MO did the work on the car before I bought it and verified the work...
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