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    Stolen power steering harness

    Yes. Now they going to sell something to someone. That doesn’t work.
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    Stolen power steering harness

    Haven’t had a chance to look under battery. The oil connection line was cut. I believe that is what the two prong wire is. But I was utterly confused why someone would do that. I didn’t add though my nox catalytic converter and egr flap was stolen but it was junk. And it was replaced. Like I...
  3. Power steering harness

    Power steering harness

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    Stolen power steering harness

    Hey, just curious Is there any reason a person would steal. A power steering harness? Connects to module on subframe. I was changing something on my subframe. Came back to a missing wire. I believe it’s the two pin one. Pics included. My first vw. I haven’t looked under battery yet to inspect...