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    Hammer Mod/Vagcom

    No mate i leave that to wayne at chipwizards.I used to race a tdi mk2 golf many moons ago!!
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    Hammer Mod/Vagcom

    i cant remember his proper name sorry.he is from chester but he has a place in hinkley.
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    Hammer Mod/Vagcom

    I spoke to milky about your van yesterday about what to do has he not tried it yet?
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    Vw T4 Acv ........2.5tdi

    Your emp (exhaust manifold pressure) sounds like its too high.Ideally you want it to be a little lower than boost but thats hard to acheive on low boost ie below 20 psi, maybe 2 to 4 psi higher than boost would be achievable.Then you will need to look at a different map sensor the std acv seems...
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    Blown my turbo! Looking for rock solid replacement urgently

    Vnt's suck!! dont waste your money on another jason wastegate bb all the way.
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    is fuel cooling on a PD is pointless?

    The main reason for having a fuel cooler on the return to the tank is that very hot diesel is explosive and in a plastic tank is a real hazard.The other reason is if you keep the the fuel cooler ideally between 25 and 45degrees c its worth 5% increase in power.
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    Common rail 90 or 110 tdi

    What about someone doing a common rail early tdi motor (non pd),surely wouldnt be that hard if using bits off other cars.
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    Golf GT TDI 150bhp - bad performance after head gasket replacement

    How did they measure compression ratio? theres nothing i know of that will increase the compression enough to cause poor performance by changing the head gasket.Id bet on injectors. either not set properly or if its done over 100k miles then injectors u/s.
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    just won these!!!!

    Pity is they are t4 88hp injectors which are made by stanadyne and no bigger nozzles are available to my knowledge.
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    2.0ltr 16v Tdi

    Its not yet due to work commitments but all being well ill be able to start on it again in the next couple of weeks.I have been waiting for some nozzles to turn up but all those who have promised to deliver havnt so its took the back burner.
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    13.2 @ 103 mph...............

    It is on hold at the mo as steve says ive been doing my Golf 2 edition 1 turbo conversion.When you get promised parts that never turn up its a bit disallusioning and i had lost the will to carry on with the project but im back on track now and it will be finished and it will be very very...
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    1.7 is 79.5mm and the 1.6 is 76.5mm
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    need some more power from my 1Z m-tdi, any ideas?

    The problem you have is not enough pressure. idi pumps deliver in the regoin of 450 bar pressure tdis give 950 to 1050 bar.
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    Bosch OEM nozzles sizes

    Your right Ron i found this out 7 years ago!!I still have this info i was sent directly from Bosch,its alrite tho cos no one believed me when i said it!!!!
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    Wich is this turbo???

    Good pics of a manifold that hasnt enough supports.Sorry to say it but your gona have to start again there will be loads of hidden cracks in all the pipework and it all has to support a heavy turbo and it gets worse when the manifold heats up too.
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    True proof that the TDI will never beat a 1.8T... EVAR.

    If the 1.8t is so good why isnt it powering the R10?
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    2.0 16v with 2256,coming soon

    Pity theres only stock nozzles available!
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    2.0ltr 16v Tdi

    Oh yeah it will definetly get finished,ive gotta give these 1.8t boys a pasteing ive given em nearly 3 years to catch up!!! there well ahead now!!
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    Implications Of Mapping A Car With A Faulty Coolant Temp Sensor

    To my knowledge a faulty coolant temp sensor wont give the correct signal to the ecu to to provide the right temperature reading.It wont generally increase the fuel to compensate for it being out of range.I dont think it will make that much difference.on a petrol engine yes but not on a tdi
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    2.0ltr 16v Tdi

    I think to be honest id consider converting the engine to common rail,be getting 1 of the new common rail 16v heads,mind you ive got 2 spare heads to get thru yet and 1 of them is brand new!!