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  1. BioDiesel GTG

    BioDiesel GTG

    VWScully's BioDiesel GTG, July 3, 2006
  2. Friar

    FOR SALE: MK5 Headlights / Winter Tires & Wheels / Bike Rack

    I have for sale the following items. 1 pair Headlight Assemblies, from a MK5 Jetta TDI (OEM / DOT) Driver & Passenger both are crystal clear and in very good shape. ASKING PRICE $150.00 OBO, will only sell as a set. 1 set (4) of 17" Winter Tires on steel rims, from a 2009 Tiguan with a decent...
  3. Friar

    Southern Ontario Mechanic Reviews Thread

    I've been using Beverly Hills Auto near Beverly Hills Drive and Wilson. One of their mechanics, Mark seems knowledgeable and is a fellow TDI owner/enthusiast too!
  4. Friar

    OT: 4th Annual Classic Car Show

    Hello! I just want to let everyone know about our 4th Annual Classic Car Show in Caledon ON. For details please visit our website below and click on the Car Show announcement in the banner. Hope to meet some of you there! Thanks Friar
  5. Friar

    Ot: CLASSIC CAR SHOW - Caledon/Orangeville

    Mount Alverno is holding its 3rd annual Classic Car Show: WHEN: Saturday 12 July, 2014 TME: 9 am - 3 pm WHERE: Mount Alverno Retreat Center 20704 Heart Lake Road, Caledon ON L7K 2A2 (Immediately south of HWY 9 on Heart Lake Road, west side) Come by and enjoy the Vintage, Classic, Muscle Car...
  6. Friar

    Show what you tow!

    It's 1775 loaded and redy to go! The tongue weight is rated 200 lbs. Next week I'm adding Firestone Air Coils (an inflatable bladder for the rear coil springs. This is only a precaution on my part since it sags a small bit when towing, but has never bottomed out.
  7. Friar

    Who does TDI tuning in west GTA?

    Brandon at DCB does the Malone tune he does good work...
  8. Friar

    Show what you tow!

    Yes, it does have electric brakes. It weighs abround 1,775 lbs. I use a standard Class 1 hitch (as I did with my previous Dodge Minivan) and it all travels smoothly with no sway holding an average speed of 90kph (55mph) with no second thoughts. Responses: Stealth TDI, the tongue weight is...
  9. Friar

    Show what you tow!

    My Gypsy Gitan Trailer & 2006 Jetta TDI 5spd
  10. What I tow...

    What I tow...

    A 1989 Gypsy Gitan 18ft trailer 1,775 lbs
  11. Friar

    VW MKV E-code Blackout Headlamps in Toronto

    Visit Bora Parts at I have no luck at posting pics on this site! Also watch for me at the Wednesday night gathering in Brampton...
  12. Friar

    VW MKV E-code Blackout Headlamps in Toronto

    I just purchased from Bora Parts the following E-code Headlamps which Brandon at DCB installed yesterday... VW MK5 Golf Jetta Hella Blackout E-code Headlights ('05-10) Due to a packaging mixup Brandon has a couple of sets on hand at his shop. I drove home last night from Orangeville back to...
  13. Friar

    CLASSIC CAR SHOW - July 14, 2012 - Orangeville/Caledon ON

    I apologize if this is not in the correct section however... as my handle suggests I am a Franciscan Friar and "Car Guy" this event is a fundraiser being held at our Retreat Centre, perhaps this may be of some interest? (Tell them Friar Alan told you about the event!) CLASSIC CAR SHOW...
  14. Friar

    Fuel Economy Record - 1,626 on a single tank!

    Still, it would be nice if this were typical milage ratings... If we weren't so obsessed with speed and the time=money adage oh well...
  15. Friar

    Trunk Lid 'n Cold Weather

    Trunk Lid 'n Cold Weather & suspension ?'s I had this same phenomenon with my 99 Beetle and now again with my 2006 Jetta. I'm thinking it might be a design flaw (Gott verbieten!) Anyways in the frosty temperatues the trunk lid will not latch when closed, it just bouces back. Unless I use my...
  16. Friar

    Valeo clutch kit install issues!

    I have the Valeo clutch (single mass) as an upgrade, there is noise when stopped and the clutch is dis-engaged. This was represented to me before purchase as normal and several months later has not been any problem. Other SMF Clutch upgrades do the same and some are louder I've been told. I...
  17. Friar

    In need of Legal Advice.

    Having a family member pass away is difficult at anytime, but to die intestate (without a will or a valid will) creates a lot of headache. My brother in law died without a will in 2000 and it was no end of red tape, though usually it was small picky issues. If you can't afford a lawyer try...
  18. Friar

    VALEO VS SACHS Clutch Conversion Kits

    I don't know about Sachs, but at Brandon's suggestion I had the Valeo SMF + Clutch put in my 2006 Jetta TDI last fall... no problems great performance and negligible "chatter".. overall I rate it high and am very pleased.
  19. Friar

    GTA VeeDubs BIG MEET!!!!! (formerly VDubbers of the gta united)

    Home Depot is practically my neighbourhood! But isn't the 17th of May a Tuesday?
  20. Friar

    LED Fog lights input

    I tried something similar (LED) on my Beetle when I had it.... other than for accent lighting they are a Waste Of Money. Get some decent lighting and be prepared to pay a decent price too.