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  1. burpod

    Possible turbo whine failing turbo

    you could have an exhaust leak at the manifold, downpipe flange, or even a leak at the cartridge.... do you see any evidence of exhaust leak - sooty buildup in those areas? hard to see a leak at the manifold without taking intake manifold off tho
  2. burpod

    Possible turbo whine failing turbo

    hard to tell from video sound.. but likely exhaust leak? an exhaust leak will also hamper boost. best to take logs :)
  3. burpod

    Garrett GTA1749V bench testing

    well, they are disposable items. unless i knew the person or turbo with 100k+ i'd just spend the $$ on a new (larger) one from xman or other reputable turbo seller :) just not worth the time.... you just never know how poorly abused they can be in 100k lol.... i've seen a lot of boost logs :)...
  4. burpod

    New turbo, no boost, beyond aggravating

    vacuum disconnected is vanes wide open - least boost. given fuel/rpm/injection timing it will still make some, even can make quite a bit depending. you never want to connect full vac direct to the turbo unless you want to blow it up :) if the vanes (not just the lever) were truly stuck all the...
  5. burpod

    New turbo, no boost, beyond aggravating

    taken a vcds log of it? or .... iirc you have no laptop etc :p its incredibly unlikely it would be a "bad turbo". just doesn't really happen. something simple is screwed up, like vac lines or checkvalve backwards etc. the "vanes" aren't spinning - that's the compressor. the vanes (which you...
  6. burpod

    Garret 15 bew

    just delete the ASV and EGR and then all you need to worry about is the compressor output pipe as the BEW takes a clip connection type and alh is just a barbed outlet :)
  7. burpod

    Garrett GTA1749V bench testing

    since it's off the car, even if the vanes move freely, it would be best to take it apart and inspect the vanes/etc and thoroughly clean it. it could be pretty gunky, and given the right conditions, begin to start to stick 5-20k down the line, who knows. if you disconnect the actuator and move...
  8. burpod

    WTB 1996 VW Passat TDi original radio

    major first world problems lol... :)
  9. burpod

    1989 MK2 Golf TDI - Dirty Diesel

    why do you still have the vac ball there???? :D
  10. burpod

    EGR delete differences

    i really dont' find any violent shake from deleting ASV on any of my cars... wife doesn't even notice it. it's extremely mild. *shrug*. not worried at all about asv saving the day in case of that "runaway" . wife's car - automatic - 225k on the turbo, i'm not concerned. took turbo off about 3k...
  11. burpod

    Replacing ALH Tensioner Stud

    why do you need to replace the stud? it's not really a special thing. unless you've got messed up threads or something..
  12. burpod

    96' Passat wagon project -VA- $1500

    good lord, if you were closer and wife would allow me i could scrounge up 1500 for this.. jeeeesh :D
  13. burpod

    Dieselgeek Short shifter

    you can't go wrong with a DG short shifter.... most of the bushings in the refresh kit are not necessary. usually, afaict, theres generally only one problematic one.. which can be actually solved with autozone parts. well enough lol :D
  14. burpod

    WTB tuned mk4 ecu

    apparently you're green and naive. i've read in over 40+ malone tunes, from all kinds of setups. whether you have 10mm/stock nozzles or .230s or 11mm .205s or .230s.. you get the same tune for a stage3. read in plenty of stage 4 and 5 tunes too.. you can check it out yourself if you have mpps...
  15. burpod

    2002 Golf - I'm back in a TDI!

    i think you're old enough to know the answer to that :D it would be painful to go thru all this effort though and not install a decent clutch...
  16. burpod

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    i have no desire to ever buy koni's again... 3 sets.. thats enough. the reds i had in wife's car were decent. but blown out <80k. the other konis i had were worse... never again
  17. burpod

    Stalled under full load and wouldn’t start

    it's not a band-aid whatsoever. fact is, there are countless people who have no idea their fuel system is sucking in air. the IP of the VE engine sucks hard... it caved in the metal gas tank in my mk1 when somehow my vent to the tank got clogged. if you do it right, you can wire it like factory...
  18. burpod

    2002 golf tdi alh power falls off around 3300

    n75 values can vary quite wildly.... a response would be too much to get into here, but things dont' look right :)
  19. burpod

    2002 golf tdi alh power falls off around 3300

    can you upload the .csv file somewhere? n75 looks very very off. but also car doesn't appear to be up to full temp. will definitely have to see other logs and know if car is tuned or not to figure out more.. just not enough data there
  20. burpod

    Mass Air Flow Center from Parts Geek?

    i'm a big fan of deleting the MAF :) granted, plenty of people run around just fine without maf problems, but the total number of people who have had maf (and egr) issues over the years is astounding, and all the tail-chasing, parts-throwing etc madness that goes along with that... when a good...