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    MN Chat Thread

    Thanks, I passed the info on. It's got 100,000 miles on it so probably needs a timing belt too.
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    Ross - Tech

    I like the old mechanical diesels. But it is nice to be able to diagnose problems and get so much info on how well it is running, by just plugging something into a port and looking on a screen. Glad you got it working. It isn't just handy. It's really needed to work on these cars.
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    KII- USB

    Right, you don't have to register to install the software. If the new version doesn't work with an old computer, or the old KII, you can download an older version.
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    Hail damage!

    That's by far the worst hail damage I've ever seen. You weren't in one of those cars when the storm hit were you? Scary for anyone who was.
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    MN Chat Thread

    A buddy of mine in Albert Lea (south central) MN has a 2006 TDI with 100,000 miles and a bad automatic DMF. He's looking for local guru to fix it. I heard there was a guy in Mankato?
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    A/C foam

    Voron 3D printers are a nice build-it-yourself project. They have great community and vender support. For many of the utube 3D printer guys that have several printers. The voron is their favorite.
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    thinking of buying VAGCOM again

    I bought a Kii VCDS on here for $100. Already had an old laptop to plug it into. KII has unlimited vins and does logs on an ALH just fine. I don't know what the logs mean but I can do logs, ha.
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    thinking of buying VAGCOM again

    I vote to post a WTB ad in the classifieds here.
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    ALH Rear main seal question

    So that plastic guide is supposed to go over the end of the crank? So the seal lip won't flip when it's installed? Then doesn't he have it on backwards? Top picture looks like the "cup" is on the outside. I use a sour cream container for the old Rabbit seals and I think the TDI is the same size.
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    Rocker rust dilemma

    And if you decide to cut, weld and paint it later, I think the fluid film can be removed with a solvent.
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    Rocker rust dilemma

    I think the rustoleum he is talking about is their rust converter. Not just covering it with paint. I use eastwood rust converter, there are others like osphocoat but eastwood makes a nice thin shell and seems to work with the epoxy primer I cover it with. Fluid film is good stuff. It needs...
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    A/C foam

    Common enough that someone even made plugs to replace the foam,.. but i can't remember where.
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    2003 Golf project in MN craiglist $2500

    And just saw this 2003 manual wagon for $3000. 2003 volkswagen jetta tdi diesel for sale by owner - Missouri Valley, IA - craigslist
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    SOLD - 2001 VW Golf GLS TDI Mk4 -

    It's great when you can find the right buyer for it. Thanks for posting how much it sold for. Often people have to give an example of how much they are selling for, for insurance or something. And in many ads they even remove the asking price after it's sold.
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    2003 Golf project in MN craiglist $2500

    Saw this in the MN craigslist: 2003 vw golf tdi - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale ( It's up north in St Cloud. Part way through a manual swap.
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    MN Chat Thread

    Too bad you couldn't just pop another rear wheel bearing on, instead of having to trailer it.
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    Buying ALH cylinder heads in Canada - where?

    Probably should be posted in parts for sale section instead of cars for sale.
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    Any 1999-2003 Jetta TDI For sale

    Haave you met stradlater? : 2000 Jetta TDI for sale | TDIClub Forums
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    WTB - B4 front crossmember / cross-member

    I did this swap with an ALH and 02A in a '91 Golf. Used the MK2 rear crossmember, and custom motor mount to allow a VNT-15. Still using the MK2 front crossmember but it doesn't have the same angle as the MK3 front engine mount. I thought I was looking for a B3 front crossmember but I see one...