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    2015 Passat SE TDI 6sp Manual

    Good candidate for dpf delete and a Malone stage 2 tune. I have an identical 2015 6mt and wow what a difference it makes!
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    ALH into 95 Ranger 4x4

    Looks like you're about there. I bought a manual 2003 ranger 4x4 4.0 that was rolled over and am contemplating a bhw conversion as soon as I find a good ranger body. Looks like adapter plates are available so I can use the ranger 5 speed. Certainly don't want to hijack your great thread and...
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    FS: SMF Whitbread/South Bend clutch for B5.5 Passat - Greenville, SC $350

    The guy who bought my wagon might be interested. He smoked the dmf clutch i put in it. text me if you haven't sold it yet and I'll give you his number
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    2004 Wagon - My leather seats are toast - Now what?

    I have B5.5 leather fronts both power. Light grey.Let me know if you're interested. PM me
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    $3k 05 passat wagon with 6 speed 01e waycross ga

    We need to figure out a deal. You need to buy my GMR and I need to get the sedan out of my garage
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    Headlight suggestions

    Good to know. Might try a set on my wagon. Hids and LED's don't seem to be very bright on mine either and I'm sure they're probably Chinese. Mozambiquer your wagon looks identical to mine right down to the wheels.
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    Clutch replacement Questions

    Hope it works out for you. I used Matts' 1.8t DMF setup in my Wagon. Smooth as silk and easy pedal. It will slip a little if I try to get it on boost if the RPM's are low but anybody who runs a manual tuned TDI knows not to do that anyhow. Hope you don't have chatter. Every TDI SMF setup I've...
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    Ultimate Daily Driver: 4Motion TDI B5.5 Wagon 6MT

    Down side of your build is the gear ratios will be off bad (too short). You need to source a Euro TDI 4 motion gearbox and a matching rear diff
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    2014 nms with 100k miles heater lukewarm

    Thanks oilhammer. will that climate module show if defective in vcds? If not then can I just put my laser thermometer on the heater supply and return lines with cabin temp set to maximum and if they're both up in the 195 F range, assume the core is ok and it is an air flap issue?
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    2014 nms with 100k miles heater lukewarm

    Any suggestions? I think this one also has green Prestone in it. It's not my doing. A friend bought this car. Worth trying a flush and fill with G-13 before the dash comes out for a new heater core? What other components may be damaged from the stupid green antifreeze blunder?
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    changed convenience module, should vag recognize it?

    Actually only the trunk lid release. Doesn't work with the remote or the switch in the driver door. I suspect the solenoid in the lid is bad
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    changed convenience module, should vag recognize it?

    Anyone messed with these?
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    v157 intake regulating flap motor

    What is the normal symptom of these going bad and tripping a cel? The engine still responds to throttle but low power. Also if I change out the CCM and TCU modules should I do anything in VAG to make sure they're seen and integrated? Maybe just a full scan?
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    2005-2007 Land Rover LR3 4.0 V6 to bhw conversion

    Does anyone know if these 4.0 V6 Land Rovers had the 4.0 Cologne Ford engine or did it use the British Essex V6? I know Ford owned Land Rover and Jaguar in the past so I was hoping I could use Northwest Fabs' 4.0 Ford-TDI adapter
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    My turbo diesel says Valvoline Max life merc/dex is ok and it's fully synthetic
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    C4 a6 avant TDI swap?

    Your A6 tranny will be geared way too low. There are some swaps on here for A4 B7 2006-2008 manuals and the Audi 6sp is geared pretty good for a BHW
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    I'm replacing the torque converter in a BHW passat GMR and need the tranny dry fluid capacity and recommended fluid. I've heard ZF recommends Pentosin but have also heard there are some more reasonably priced alternatives of equal quality out there.
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    Help select clutch BHW FHN

    The LUK DMF setup is awesome even with the stage 2 . I advise anyone going that route make sure you have the actuator rod the right length. No adjustment other than varying the length and reinstalling it. I had to play with mine a couple of iterations in length. I just used 1/4" welding rod and...
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    advice on freshening a good code free GMR

    I've had good luck with Eriksson in the past so will replace mine with their reman, do a fluid and filter change and be done with it.