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  1. BleachedBora

    Turbo Underboost & Torque Converter Codes...

    You could have low fluid. Also note that VW has discontinued both the transmission and the torque converter. We have a place that can rebuild the converters. If you know the fluid level is ok then that’s likely your cheapest option. Problem is we keep getting 01M cores turned in so we have no...
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    Hi James! long time no chat! Yes, I message from and sell from the...

    Hi James! long time no chat! Yes, I message from and sell from the website though. Not on here much anymore. Thanks!
  3. BleachedBora

    Yes, I message from and sell from the website though. Not on here much...

    Yes, I message from and sell from the website though. Not on here much anymore. Thanks!
  4. BleachedBora

    SOLD B5.5 Passat TDI Wagon, 2005 - Project Car - Washington, DC -$500 going to salvage June 23

    If it were 5 years from now I’d take it. I’ve owned 8 or so B5.5’s over the years. I plan to teach my kiddos how to drive with a stick when they start driving lessons. BHW would be perfect. Good luck, hope it finds a new home! -BB
  5. BleachedBora

    Do I need to retune after Timing Belt Change?

    No retune needed, you'll be fine. :)
  6. BleachedBora

    K03 hybrid ID?

    Might be a turbo we sold over the years :)
  7. BleachedBora

    The passing of a long time TDIclub member, Brian Hague (alphaseinor)

    A good friend and a wonderful person. So sorry to hear about this. He will be missed!
  8. BleachedBora

    2 water pumps in 2500 miles

    We average 1 water pump warranty per year over the last 15 years. And we go through thousands and thousands of timing belts every year. Back in the 2004-2007 range we had a few, as Oilhammer mentioned we vet all our parts and at that time made a change. The warranties almost stopped. 2008...
  9. BleachedBora

    Does the dealer have to provide a loaner?

    Audi has started buying back problematic cars. I wouldn't doubt if VW follows suit. For what it's worth, I've heard from many of my contacts that VW wishes that they would have crushed every single TDI they bought back.
  10. Audi Buyback.png

    Audi Buyback.png

    Audi Buyback letter September 2022
  11. BleachedBora

    VNT-15 autopsy at 390,000 miles

    I've seen them go over 500k before. It's rare, but it does happen. Generally it's in salt free climates - OP is in Salt Lake so that's a moot point ;). Most of them usually last about 200-250k. -BB
  12. BleachedBora

    Which dmf 126 or 181

    I just got off the line with a customer about this as well. I had a customer in California a couple months ago insist on a DMF181 and it ended up being a nightmare. Suffice it to say for North American TDI DSG's the DMF126 works on everything. It's actually an upgrade for the BRM as its rated...
  13. BleachedBora

    6 speed manual for a B5

    The 6 speed on the B5 has horrendous reliability. You’re much better off with a 5 speed. If you’re needing tall gearing go with a FHN. I actually have 1 or 2 more New Old Stock FHN’s on the shelf, then they’ll be gone for good…
  14. BleachedBora

    1.9 ALH help figuring out nozzles size

    I would personally vote for .230’s or .216’s if you don’t want much smoke. Any good tuner can tune a nozzle down. You can’t tune a nozzle up to push more fuel than the holes will allow through them though!
  15. BleachedBora

    Replacing an axle

    Good call, I always recommend either getting a new OE axle, rebuilding your existing one, or going used rather than getting a Chinese one. Hope it works well for you!
  16. BleachedBora

    Help select clutch BHW FHN

    Since we were mentioned - we're going through a lot of these kits, it's honestly hard to keep them on the shelf. Seems to hold up fine to a stage 2, and is your best bang for the buck.
  17. BleachedBora

    Fuel Injector Swap (ALH)

    Going off memory, but manual is .184 orifice size, whereas the auto is .158, you will get about 10 hp or so extra out of the manual injectors.
  18. BleachedBora

    Max Horsepower From BRM

    250 hp? Turbo, injectors, Limited Slip Differential, upgraded cam, upgraded rods, PD150 pistons at minimum, forged'd do better to start with an ARL bottom end. Actually you'd do better to sell the BRM and get a 335D. You're looking at $7-8000 to get that kind of HP properly, when you...
  19. BleachedBora

    Mobil 1 synthetic not for VW transmissions

    Holy thread resurrection Batman! Find a VW dealer and see if they have G060726A2 or G070726A2. G060 will be preferred, but G070 will work... -BB
  20. BleachedBora

    AHU no boost

    Stock boost on a MK3 is about 12-13 PSI, so you're either low or in limp mode. When was the N75 made? There will be a week/year code on it. My guess is it's original. In my old BlackenedBora '97 it went out, didn't have any codes, and when I replaced it my power was back instantly. Mind you this...