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  1. AndyBees

    Manual Transmission Fluid

    If you saved the old oil, put it in a repurposed plastic jug and let it settle for a few months. Then, slowly pour it into another jug for future use. Future Use would be to add when doing a flush change. As a hobby for the last 15 or so years, I've done maintenance for several of my VW owner...
  2. AndyBees

    Possible misfuel

    Back in the day, I removed many gallons of diesel/gasoline mix of which all were filled by accident (from MK1s to MK4s). The smell of gasoline was not questionable with any of the instances...... from only a couple of gallons to more than 90% gasoline. No IP was destroyed by these incidents...
  3. AndyBees

    TDI runs rough after critter chewed vacuum lines and transmission input sensor

    If you remove the Intake Manifold for cleaning, I highly recommend that you also clean the Intake Ports in the head. The soot/oil coating where the Intake makes contact with the head is brittle and is brittle in the head ports. When you remove the Intake, that "brittle bridge" is broken. If...
  4. AndyBees

    Flow restriction? New pump upgrade, new thermostat, tested rads ?

    Welcome to the TDI Club ....... Visit often to learn about your TDI Glad you found the problem(s). My experience with VW water cooled engines is that the cooling systems are very good.... ah, assuming everything is working fine and no blockages. You should also check to make sure the cooling...
  5. AndyBees

    ALH to BEW swap

    The Original Poster to this Thread hasn't visited this Forum since April 1, 2021.
  6. AndyBees

    VW blend door plugs - community effort to reproduce?

    I agree with Jimbote ... no matter how you do it, it's a messy job. I did the Blend Door Plug job earlier this year on my 03 Jetta. Although I watched several YouTube videos, seems they all skimped on important aspects of the procedures. Example: That darn air duct removal and replacement...
  7. AndyBees

    87 Vanagon to Diesel/TD/TDI

    What was your average speed getting 32.9 MPG? As I stated above, 32-36 MPG. I always fill-up the tank until it holds no more. I've had a few fill-ups that were above 37 MPG, but the driving was such that MPGs were maximized. It did over 26 MPGs pulling a popup camper with four adults and...
  8. AndyBees

    Different Oil Filter Conversion for the ALH?

    The last time the OP was on the TDI Club website was 8 years and 4 days ago (9/20/15)...
  9. AndyBees

    Transmission Question

    Well, doesn't matter now .......... the darn thing has sold! The guy had marked it down to $100... looks like he sold it for $5. Listed 15 weeks ago. I stumbled onto it about four or five days ago. Dang! It is gone! Sold · VW 02A Transmission CTN Code (TDI) $5$200 Listed 15 weeks ago in...
  10. AndyBees

    Rednecks and Road Debri

    Back in the early to mid-1990's my son was in college. He managed a local Theater which was located in a small Mall, typical with a couple of anchor stores and the stores in the middle. He has always been a practical joker ......... pulling pranks on anyone from friends to those he doesn't...
  11. AndyBees

    Rednecks and Road Debri

    Some day before I leave this Earth, I want to build an "injection system" at or near the end of my exhaust pipe ...... fill it with Skunk Scent and with a push of a button, that dude tail-gating will have to back off.
  12. AndyBees

    Rednecks and Road Debri

    Here in Kentucky, I-75 goes from Northern Michigan to South Florida ........ every Friday afternoon there is a Wave of traffic heading south that's almost bumper to bumper from time time in the Left Lane with only a few scattered vehicles in the right lane (same thing on Sunday afternoon heading...
  13. AndyBees

    1.9 starts but won’t rev?

    Could be the Accelerator Pedal (internal). The plug connection on the Injector Pump could be corroded and not making good connection. Have you scanned for Codes? Knowing the Codes is a good start... Welcome to the TDI Club ........... visit and visit often!
  14. AndyBees

    How bad is the auto in the MK4 tdi's

    Two trips up the Alaska highway 2014 & 16) with this ALH powered 84 Vanagon pulling the camper............ over 25k miles on the two trips with no major issues. The camper weighs a smidgen over 1200 lbs (544 kg) and generally had another 100 lbs of stuff as well as no less than 400 lbs of...
  15. AndyBees

    How bad is the auto in the MK4 tdi's

    Ironically, last night I was going thru old records in my laptop. I stumbled onto the info of a friend's 2001 New Beetle TDI. Actually, it belonged to his daughter. I changed the Timing Belt twice on it (100k mile intervals). The last TB change, he asked about the auto transmission fluid...
  16. AndyBees

    Transmission Question

    Will the shifter linkage at the transmission (02J, EGR) on a 2003 Jetta TDI bolt-up to a 1997-98 TDI transmission from a Passat TDI (02A, CTN)?
  17. AndyBees

    Injection pump repaired?

    Dang, that is awesome. Yes, an IV will certainly help clear-up questions about the IP. I keep my IV ready hanging on the back wall of my little garage. I've since added small ball valves and plugs for the lines when not in use. Run some Diesel Fuel additive thru it and maybe a tad of...
  18. AndyBees

    Injection pump repaired?

    Considering the ALH engine only burns about 2.5 ounces of fuel per mile at 50 mpg, at idle the amount is extremely small .... something like 0.8 liter per hour. So, a small container with a small amount of fuel works just fine in an IV set-up. Also, rather flimsy hoses reduces the amount of...
  19. AndyBees

    Injection pump repaired?

    It is a simple filter for gasoline. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the plastic jar. With JB Weld applied, I pushed the nipple of the filter up inside the jar. The nipple protrudes about an inch or more off the bottom of the jar.
  20. AndyBees

    Injection pump repaired?

    Seems your fuel system has a major air leak which is likely at the filter or one of the connections. Keep in mind, the VE Injection Pumps moves a lot of fuel in a matter of seconds. The internal Vane pump is strong enough to collapse a fuel tank that is not vented (happened to me on an MK1...