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  1. greengeeker

    MN Chat Thread

    Losha in Sioux Falls. Ratified motorsports used to be in Mankato - would have easily recommended them but they're in Chaska now.
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    Camshaft or Tuning Belt Replacement 2012 Jetta TDI 6sp

    Hey Brian - I've seen a random misfire / vibration at those rpms due to failing glow plugs (in-cylinder pressure transducers). Log MB141 to see if you have a glow plug dropping signal. I don't think camshafts or timing belt to be the cause of your issue.
  3. greengeeker

    Timing Issue

    Move it back to the original position, maybe even passed it. It should start even when it's over advanced. IME, the only time it won't start is when retarded.
  4. greengeeker

    Timing Issue

    which way did you turn the 22mm nut? Clockwise or counterclockwise?
  5. greengeeker

    US TDI offerings chart

    Thanks! I'm a bit of a packrat so I still have the original file. Any other corrections while I'm at it?
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    CJAA Piston/Valve Inspection guide??

    What he ^ said, x2 ;) The long story short - there is no reasonable way to inspect for camshaft lobe slippage (they're pressed onto the camshaft tube) so you more or less need to replace them blindly, at significant expense. Combine that with the rest of the cost of the head rebuild, head R&R...
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    MN Chat Thread

    I just had a customer hit this in your doppleganger (silver ALH wagon, 5spd). He commutes from Grantsburg into the cities everyday. Matt Litke can help modify the cluster.
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    2014 CNRB reseal

    No one should be surprised about a hefty bill on this one. What the heck is the book time on something like this? I've drained an alarming amount of oily condensate out of the driver's side intercooler in my A8 - slightly different configuration on that turbo outlet pipe running along the...
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    ALH Timing Questions/Check my work?

    Very close! You need to insert a lock bar (can be fabricated) into the non drive end of the camshaft to ensure it is at TDC. Then you need to knock the sprocket off the camshaft if you haven't already.
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    CKRE Timing belt replaced ,now no start

    Nice! Glad to hear it was something simple.
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    CKRE Timing belt replaced ,now no start

    The hub-shaft is an interference fit and in a very specific orientation. I'm not aware of any way to fix it if it indeed has slipped.
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    CKRE Timing belt replaced ,now no start

    Assuming you have everything locked down correctly, your camshaft likely spun the drive hub from the camshaft body and the lobes. The hub is just pressed onto the tube and if you have a hard stop, it will slip out of time. The only check I'm aware of is to pull the vacuum pump from the other...
  13. greengeeker

    Fighting water pump

    I don't understand what you're saying here. Are you saying the nut was torqued on too tight? Or are you saying the tension was too high? It looks close to the right tension based on image. Dieselgeek sells water pump removal screw kits if you really need them. Like jokila said, I just...
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    shoot me an email:

    shoot me an email:
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    ALH mk1 swap won't start

    Cracked while cranking? What did it do? Spurt or dribble? Smoke while cranking? Have you verified you have 12v at the fuel shutoff solenoid WHILE CRANKING?
  16. greengeeker

    Is my J519 bad?

    Add another to the list. Random lights not working all around the car. Pulled fuse 16 (30amp, closest to the driver) and found evidence of arcing and corrosion. Replaced fuse and all is working again. Thanks everyone!
  17. greengeeker

    Do we need to preventatively change serpentine tensioner?

    You'd just need to obtain the CBEA/CJAA metal middle cover.
  18. greengeeker

    Do we need to preventatively change serpentine tensioner?

    03L109147D The smaller, earlier CKRA version [without the rib] is the "B" revision...
  19. greengeeker

    AHU - Where Does This Vacuum Line Go?

    it provides vacuum to a solenoid which sits next to the airbox.
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    Do we need to preventatively change serpentine tensioner?

    ^^ that's the best case scenario: you just tear up your accessory belt and it doesn't get pulled into the timing belt. That being said, VW recognized this failure mode and change the timing belt cover somewhere mid life cycle on the CKRA which has a rib molded in which prevents the accessory...