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  1. Mongler98

    Harmonic Balancer Stuck?!

    prybars work a bit better but its gentle nudges. had to do this with the 955 cayenne. i hate to do that... with my luck it will damage the cover.
  2. Mongler98

    '03 Golf run away sitiuation after turbo replacement

    there are many things to check but #1 most likely is bent rods from that much oil ingested. either way you are taking the glow plugs out to get the oil out of the bowls so it could at least try and start. oil filled bowles will not let the car start so take them out and do a compression test...
  3. Mongler98

    Door Rust Repair (Amateur Hour)

    imo get some fiberglass bondo behind all that from inside the door card. otherwise not too shabby! a bit more work to it and it would disappear!
  4. Mongler98

    best nozzels for a 96 B4 to get low end power yet keep economy.

    #1 thing to use for carbon soot holding them down is like has been said, to soak them the night before. the #1 best thing against that carbon is choke cleaner but for soaking is Berryman 0996-ARM B-9 Chem Dip Parts Cleaner. you can get it on amazon in a bucket to soak parts in. this stuff takes...
  5. Mongler98

    Harmonic Balancer Stuck?!

    side hook, go around the side bit by bit same as a hammer but pulling on the sides vs hitting. same effect
  6. Mongler98

    best nozzels for a 96 B4 to get low end power yet keep economy.

    It’s fairly simple to DIY but there are things you need to consider first. 1: They need to be poptested at 2 stages based on the RPM target for max flow. This is achieved by hydraulically popping them and recording the pressure then adjusting things via shims until all 4 are popping the same...
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    best nozzels for a 96 B4 to get low end power yet keep economy.

    Fuel isn't the issue so much as it is boost. And the tune. Even if you have a tune written and nozzles pope tuned for lower rpm flow you still need a lot of air to give to any upgraded nozzle or you just end up with more smoke. The best way to get more low end power is to upgrade the turbo. An...
  8. Mongler98

    FS: $250 - Drivers Side PD130 Intake Manifold PD 1.9 TDI VW Volkswagen Intake Manifold AFN AVF

    kerma had them for $110 shipped usual going rate is about 80 to 90 on ebay in that condition, sandblasted and internally cleaned would be about $120 with free shipping if you wait for the cheap ones to run out. a sell now price is $70 anyone can order one from Germany in a perfect refurbished...
  9. Mongler98

    Harmonic Balancer Stuck?!

    if these 2 do not work well for you (it should) you can put a slide hammer on it, same effect as the mallet but pulling away can be more effective if the hammer isnt doing the trick. , usually walking away for 30 minutes and trying again is more effective than you think! Good luck and welcome...
  10. Mongler98

    Oil pump chain tensioner missing piece, still drivable? (WITH PHOTO!)

    its not so much its missing a piece so much as its old and "brittle" its probably fine for short startups but imo not worth risking. if it was new then id say if you dont see a crack on it then its fine but old i would not risk.
  11. Mongler98

    Car with no key. Easiest way to get a tumbler out and which one ?

    Just another prime example of vendor status abuse and passive aggressive profanity. Got a problem bub? PM me like a man or just (in your words) stfu. There is an ignore feature and I suggest you use it. Your question answered itself when you asked it. You know what to do so why ask! It's very...
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    04 BEW Jetta. Super clean. Value question.

    For that toilet fresh scent
  13. Mongler98

    04 BEW Jetta. Super clean. Value question.

    The acetone is used for the really tough spots. Get a plastic brush for a sawsall.
  14. Mongler98

    WTB: 2000-2003 TDI manual Jetta, Golf or Wagon

    well you should put your buying price out there. a car with your needs is borderline into unicorn land unless you do not count a project car as one with a lot of miles. IMO all cars over 8 years old with over 150 to 200k miles plus are project cars. reliable yes, but still a project car. a few...
  15. Mongler98

    Adding an AC to B4 Passat

    Not only a gauge set, vac pump, scale, and adapters bit you also need a micron gauge, thermometer, a tank of nitrogen and a regulator and some other misc things like new o rings and all the various components. You will probably need a donor car or you could try to pice the under dash HVAC...
  16. Mongler98

    Rim help - mine split in 2.

    yes, its called a stress shier fracture. very common on a wheel that has been impacted that hard. plenty of videos on youtube especially "just-rolled-in" and other various wannabee mechanics compilation channels. why would VW give you a new wheel or for that matter all 4 on a car that they did...
  17. Mongler98

    Chirping sound from front end.

    i assumed it was done when op said he checked it all out and it was mentioned to do so to the alternator much before he did the work.
  18. Mongler98

    Source for gold plated injection pump harness pins?

    For that ultimate in high fidelity TDI action in 4k
  19. Mongler98

    AHU won't rev above 2400rpm

    Check physical timing. It could have skipped a tooth. Same with DC's timing graph. Things sit for a long time are suspect to rodent. I know you checked the exhaust and intake What about wiring? Its entirely possible to bend a rod. Doing a compression test is probably the next step past...
  20. Mongler98

    Chirping sound from front end.

    wasn't the alt diagnosed as good? he put a screwdriver in there and tried and it was fine... or did i miss something! no one, including me has ever said you are not knowledgeable unlike you and everyone else all talking down about me. so whatever. were talking about a belt here.....This is also...