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  1. oldpoopie

    .:R32 to .:R-TDI Build Thread

    I’m working on a swap into a TT currently!
  2. oldpoopie

    ALH to BEW swap

    Just finished doing this swap myself. Picked up two wagons last year. Bew with blown trans and thrashed interior. Alh with good interior and body but bad motor and was an automatic. It took like two or three wires of re-pinning at the plenum, adding he lift pump, and that was about it. The only...
  3. oldpoopie

    feeler: bay area dyno day, any takers?

    Burpod tune???
  4. oldpoopie

    Audi TTqTDI

    Well guess what fell in my lap two weeks ago…… Ive already got a bumper, fender, and headlight. I’ll be swapping the engine out of the old 01 golf. Euro edc15 pd130 ecu and harness, gtb2260vk with billet wheel. Ported head etc etc etc. Car comes with bilstein PSS9s and Porshe front brakes...
  5. oldpoopie

    Timing belt Job Central Coast Ca

    I dont think anyone is doing that in Cali mobile anymore.... CARB shut our 2x a year gtgs down.... I havent been traveling down there in years now.
  6. oldpoopie

    Audi A4R4 450HP CBEA (CR) Build

    That’s terrific!
  7. oldpoopie

    What? no!!!

    What? no!!!
  8. oldpoopie

    TDI into a Fiero
  9. oldpoopie

    TDI into a Fiero
  10. oldpoopie

    TDI into a Fiero

    Someone else did this swap about 10 years ago or so. I think out of florida? Or at least back East for Sure.
  11. oldpoopie

    New California smog checks.......

    I don’t disagree with a word you said..... except calling me an ass. I was Just pointing out your first post was stating the obvious. Find me someone with deleted emissions equipment that doesn’t know it’s a crime.
  12. oldpoopie

    New California smog checks.......

    Water is wet
  13. oldpoopie

    New California smog checks.......

    I’ll be watching for sure
  14. oldpoopie

    Bye California, it's been nice.

    Nice area. Humid tho lol
  15. oldpoopie

    Bye California, it's been nice.

    Where ya headed Dan?
  16. oldpoopie

    Where to stop?

    Same boat, but I can’t quit them. Plus I’m moving in a month and will go back to a 55 mile commute. I’ll keep my fleet running. In fact I may build one of the spare blocks I’ve got just to have “in case” rust isn’t so much an issue here in the PNW
  17. oldpoopie

    Significant vibration

    Never did figure it out. Since car ran fine and customer decided to not spend any more time or money chasing the issue
  18. oldpoopie

    Vendor Accountability Thread

    That sucks Jeff
  19. oldpoopie

    Reputable shop in Portland, Oregon

    Hey. Welcome to Portland. I’ve been one of the “Gurus” on here for almost 19 years now. Tho I don’t have a shop I’ve been working on these cars consistently for nearly 2 decades. I work on them weekends primarily and book out weeks in advance. My first availability isn’t until December.
  20. oldpoopie

    Bye California, it's been nice.

    Welcome To Oregon Matt! I’m glad you’ll be closer! And I totally get what you are saying. Sadly the TDI is aging out.