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    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    Looking forward to your analysis. Mine should be delivered on Friday. Who has a good source for the gaskets?
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    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    Is this a good example of what the broken plastic lip looks like? Does it usually happen on that smaller passage?
  3. CKRA oil cooler.png

    CKRA oil cooler.png

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    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    It'll be cold where I live. Just ordered one.
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    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    It's the dilemma we are all in owning orphan CKRA's. Does anyone own one that hasn't had an oil cooler start leaking? I'm just past 75k miles. Time to start stocking up on parts.
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    Dealer cant diagnose -adblue light

    I went through this same process. They reprogrammed. Replaced the rear nox sensor and the nox catalyst. Temporarily fixed the problem until cold weather came. Then I would occasionally get the 200 miles to "no start" warning. Usually when the temps were below 35 degrees and trips over 75...
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    2003 VW Jetta GL Wagon TDI (5spd manual)

    Went back and saw the dealer sheet that listed 90hp. Sure sign of an ALH. This seems like it should sell easily.
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    2003 VW Jetta GL Wagon TDI (5spd manual)

    That's what I thought but after doing some reading saw that some of the models in 2003 were BEW.
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    2003 VW Jetta GL Wagon TDI (5spd manual)

    Nice looking car. Is this an ALH or BEW?
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    Loss of power

    Clogged exhaust manifold will give the same symptoms.
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    2013 Passat Driver's Side Heat blend door servo replacement

    Can't we do something like tie a string and pull the end to move the doors? Kind of like in the old days when the windshield wipers quit working?
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    Another Coolant Temperature Problem

    Or you could do what the old beetle owners did and plug in a supplemental heater and keep an ice scraper to scrape the frost off the inside of the windshield.
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    I had similar issues w/ mine a couple of years ago. My dealership must be one of the better ones. They provided me with a loaner immediately and had the car for 3 weeks before I got it back. No hassles at all.
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    I've got a ScanGaugeII. Which one is the soot load? SMC (soot mass calculated) or STL (soot mass %)
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    Losing antifreeze

    I just added the Kerma tune recently. My regens had been happening around every 250 miles. Now they are happening just short of every 500 miles.
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    Since my Kerma tune I've had 3 regens. First one was after 465 miles. The next two were right at 475 miles. Highway mpg is holding steady at 46 with speeds around 75 mph. DEF fluid use is decreased slightly. The tune has delivered everything they promised. Higher mpg, more torque, more hp...
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    Front Suspension Work/Price Check

    I was getting a slight clunk going over bumps and changed my swaybar links on my own and the problem went away. Fairly easy to do on your own.
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    Do we need to preventatively change serpentine tensioner?

    It looks like the grooves are almost completely worn off.
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    Had a nearly 400 mile road trip over the weekend. Here are my observations. The DSG tune made all the shifts very smooth and seemed to upshift and downshift at the appropriate times. My regens had been occurring about every 250 miles. The first regen I had after the engine tune happened after...
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    P204F00 fault, VW has no fix!

    Engine tune reinstalled and DSG tune installed. Pretty nice being able to do it all w/ the Qpro. Initial thoughts, acceleration shifts are smooth. Most of the hesitation from a start was removed w/ just the engine tune but the DSG tune has removed it all. Deceleration is all smooth now. Did...