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    Forgot about this: My Passat starting at - 25c. It starts, but take s some effort. Watch the above and ask yourself if you want to put your car through that when it's 25 below. The above is with a recent starter rebuild, fresh battery
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    Dunno the year of you car. More recent tdis start more easily than earlier models. That said, your car will live you more if you get a frost heater. Car starts much more easily. Saves wear and tear on the starter and engine, and yes, you get cabin heat that much faster. From one...
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    96 B4 Passat, Upgrade Injectors

    Just 4 - the 5th injector is completely different and does not affect the way the car runs in any way
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    96 Passat

    That car is outstanding in its field
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    Are you still driving your TDi?

    How do you like that power steering-like whine when you first start it? :-) I bought my son a 2.5 2008 rabbit, and got to know it. Water pump replacement is an exercise in frustration, and the best fuel economy he can get (auto box 6 spd aisin) is about 8.5 l/100km. Worst part is/was the rot...
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    Bhw died, crank no start

    Look at the tops of the lifters on those two valves. Fine spider cracks across the cam lobe face of the lifter is what you're looking for.
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    Rocker rust dilemma then sell the mig welder afterward
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    Manual swap basics

    Do a lot of research on choice of clutch and flywheel. Mine is a 6spd, so a 5spd has different requirements. Both 5 and 6 spd transaxles (Manual) in these cars have seen multiple threads about broken synchronizers when paired with SMF (solid) flywheels. Any manual B5.5 passat will be a fine...
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    Gas in 04 mk4

    Glad you got it all done. Happy Wife, Happy Life
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    Bhw died, crank no start

    Check your used head for straightness, also check it for cracking between the valve seat and injector hole. Bam delete is more work of course. Current ne of the harder tasks is removing the old crank gear. Also remember to tap and plug the oil feed to the BSM. Otherwise you will have zero oil...
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    Gas in 04 mk4

    Eh, to save the in-tank pump, I would siphon the gas/diesel mix out of the tank if possible with a hose and some jerry cans before using the in-tank pump to purge the rest.
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    more manual swap issues

    The shifter linkage for the EEN is pretty simple - two rods: The upper rod is stationary - it stabilizes the distance between the shift housing and the transmission. The lower rod is the business end, and is the only one that should move. If working properly, it should move in and out as...
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    TCU got wet on a road trip! I'm stuck!

    That and double check all pins (TCU and connector side) for corrosion. Get deoxit if you can. Stuff works well. Spray into TCU connector and harness connection terminals
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    Passat 4motion B5.5 PD DSG swap

    Biggest issue I would see is the front drive flanges are what, another 6" forward relative to the face of the bellhousing on the transmission compared to the manual box? To line up the centerline of the wheels to the flanges, you would need to move the engine back the same amount - there isn't...
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    more manual swap issues

    Going through the post history, you have a SMF and a 5 speed EEN. Linkage issues would be easy to spot, get someone to shift the car while you observe the linkage movements. SMFs on EEN transmissions have had more than a few documented cases of breaking synchronizers internally in the...
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    Bhw died, crank no start

    Ah... Yadic is not the OP. Fooled by the purple squares... :-/
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    Bhw died, crank no start

    Dude. You posted two tell tale signs : 1) car died and then cranked over faster than normal. 2) timing belt has missing teeth Your cam to crank timing was lost, valves very likely hit pistons, and now you need the cylinder head to come off and be rebuilt. What about the above don't you get?
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    Bhw died, crank no start

    Check your timing belt. Top front cover lifts up and off with two clips.
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    Axle problem

    IT's been way too long since I replaced a driveshaft on a Mk4... just undo the three lower balljoint bolts - that will give you enough play to install the joint into the bearing. keep an eye in the "witness marks" where the balljoint was sitting in the control arm, and put it back in the exact...
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    I moved east.

    Only one CEL.... LoL