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  1. Houpty GT

    Trimming brake pads for Girling 60 conversion

    To be clear, the American VW Corrado G60 came stock with single piston G54 calipers. The heavier 2 piston Girling G60 calipers came on the following houpties: 1989-1991 Audi 200 turbo quattro, 92-94 Audi turbo quattro, 1990-1994 Audi V8, 1992-1994 Audi 100 V6, 1987-1988 Audi 5000 quattro...
  2. Houpty GT

    Turbo-to-manifold bolt size

    What turbo are you putting in? I would install a used turbo or look into the wastegated Garrett GBC14-200 if you want to stay near stock size and tuning but have the benefits from the last 25 years of design technology advancements.
  3. Houpty GT

    Turbo-to-manifold bolt size

    Fun fact: Many stainless steels are magnetic. Go ahead and check your pocket knives. It is not the chromium that changes the magnetism but rather the nickel content, so even some non-stainless steel alloys are non-magnetic.
  4. Houpty GT

    Intermediate Shaft Outer Bearing R&R

    I recall it being around 1 or 2 o'clock. There forces on the rear are more complicated. Close to 180 degrees is the force from the belt but there is also a force from the oil pump and vacuum pump gears.
  5. Houpty GT

    Mk3 AHU egr valve/cooler delete

    Cool. This was as far as I ever got with an Epsilonian device. Most people just tune it out since it was only $250 and has added bonuses. Who wants to design the next level of Epsilonian technology? Electrical help needed. | TDIClub Forums
  6. Houpty GT

    Intermediate Shaft Outer Bearing R&R

    The JaysinSpaceman mod is on the OD, not the inner diameter scallops that are on the rear bearing. The JaysinSpaceman mod shifts the oil pressure to the friction side of the shaft, so the pressure actually lifts the shaft off the bearing further reduce friction like a hydrostatic shaft. It...
  7. Houpty GT

    Am I wrong to want to buy more than 1 mk3 golf variant? =)

    Is that an OEM wheel and made by BBS? Maybe you need to buy and ship ALL the 25 year old TDI variants?
  8. Houpty GT

    Turbo exhaust manifold

    I am building a GTB to square T25 adapter, so it can surely be done. The GTB adapters I saw were at Darkside and were 3 bolt to 3 bolt.
  9. Houpty GT

    B4 instrument cluster experiment.

    In reference to his additional gauges, he states, "boost, EGT, joint oil & water temps (amazing how water varies with needle sat on 90...) " Adding EMP Gauge, Any Reason For EGT Anymore? | TDIClub Forums It would be nice if the first temp gauge worked like we want it to.
  10. Houpty GT

    Emp gauge?

    I see they now make special soot filters. Interesting EMP soot filter. Auto Meter 5375 Particle Trap Kit | XDP ( Darkside has one with similar appearance. Exhaust Manifold Pressure Gauge Kit including Soot Trap ( I also see: 2" Hewitt...
  11. Houpty GT

    Corrado TDI Project: Lightweight Daily Driver

    I have been working on my intake, chargecooler, and radiator. All of these projects overlap, which makes it a pain to plan, but it is the right way to do it. I picked up an all-aluminum Griffin Scirocco radiator with the lower hose on the driver's side. This will clear the AC compressor...
  12. AQM versus ALH intake manifold radii

    AQM versus ALH intake manifold radii

  13. AQM versus ALH

    AQM versus ALH

  14. AQM versus ALH

    AQM versus ALH

  15. Houpty GT

    Rear brake proportioning and uneven pad wear

    I only disassemble the one, so could make no comparison to confirm, but I think they put the rotating mechanism from a caliper meant for the opposite side of the car.
  16. Houpty GT

    Rear brake proportioning and uneven pad wear

    I have had a rear calipers become nonfunctional after new pads were installed. Rust had formed on the brake piston under the rubber boot. This cause it to jam in the bore when it was retracted. I had another remanufactured caliper, where they assembled the parking brake in reverse. I...
  17. Houpty GT

    Problem with coolant junction on lower radiator hose

    It looks real to me, and I worked in high pressure aluminum die casting. How much are the units?
  18. Houpty GT

    Looking to buy tall 4th gear for O2J (5) speed ALH

    How much was your 4th gear? The taller 4th gear that I used to see for sale was too expensive for too little change in ratio. I think it was $500 for a 6% change from the factory 0.971. I was looking at bore grinding 5th gear sets, 0.844, into 4th gear sets. I think it would not work because...
  19. Houpty GT

    Problem with coolant junction on lower radiator hose

    If we could only buy this part: replacing the plastic thermostat housing with an aluminum one | TDIClub Forums