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  1. sptsailing

    MKV TDI BRM, N75 vac connections question

    I spent a lot of time on this years ago. You're welcome....
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    My email is Please send me a direct link to your email and I will send you a...

    My email is Please send me a direct link to your email and I will send you a few pics and offer suggestions.
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    Do these codes point to a possible failed BCM or a failed CAN gateway module

    The codes are clearly pointing to where you should look.
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    06 Jetta TDI hot start issues

    I have found this particular document to be very helpful. VWUSA.COM_SSP_873403_MK5_Jetta_Electrical_System.pdf I searched the WWW just now for it and found what appears to be a great place to locate VW information titled VAG Self-Study Programs (SSP) - Courtesy of Volkswagen Group of America...
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    '06 Jetta TDI sat 2yrs-1800-2100 rpm stumble

    What codes does your Ross-Tech device report?
  6. sptsailing

    Coolant temperature

    I had a thermostat go bad by failing partially open, and your problem appears to be the same. Fortunately, replacing the thermostat is cheap and easy (for a VW).
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    2005.5 brm tdi

    I'll take another look tomorrow.
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    Driver Side Window 2006 Jetta gremlins

    Very odd behavior today with my Jetta, in that shortly after starting the car, I rolled all the windows down a bit to let some of the hot air exchange with outside air for a mile or two before turning on the A/C. The driver side window was down only an inch, but it would not go back up. I...
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    2005.5 brm tdi

    I have a new harness that I bought a few years ago somewhere in my garage, but I can't locate it right now. I bought it thinking it would solve my issues at the time but found the issues to be something else, so I never used it. Right now I still don't need it. I'll keep looking for it as I...
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    2005.5 brm tdi

    Engine Wiring harness?
  11. sptsailing

    Oil pan leaking

    I seem to recall just using ATV instead of a gasket on my 2006 BRM...
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    Front brakes don't release properly

    Yeah, that was my post... It is almost certainly the booster. If you do the job yourself, which is doable, the most difficult parts are releasing the plastic retaining clip in the brake pedal from the booster and finagling the booster out of the engine compartment. I made a clip release tool...
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    codes p0670 p0230 on 2006 jetta 1.9l

    You have replied to a post that is over 8 years old
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    Golf 5 1.9 tdi 105 P0299 Underboost

    The vacuum pump runs where performance is directly proportional to RPM. The performance you are describing could possibly be related to the vacuum available to control the boost. Check all your vacuum system related hoses and devices. On my 2006 Jetta TDI BRM, a leak in the vacuum reservoir...
  15. sptsailing

    Time flies... Trying to resurrect an 2005.5 that has been parked too long

    Learning how to read the Bentley wiring diagrams is in itself quite the project. There exist excellent Youtube videos about how to read these. It is a non-trivial exercise to say the least.
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    Original owner 06 Jetta TDI, Please post Your Original owner TDI story

    I bought my 06 with 50,000 miles on it and have had to replace everything that ever has been reported as a problem except injectors and the engine wiring harness or fuel pump. I too would have been far better economically off getting a Camry, Civic or even a Mazda 3, but I must say that this...
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    Please help Rear windows inop from any position rear door locks & bwindows inop from driver or rear controls.

    Understanding the Bentley wiring diagrams is a non-trivial exercise, but worth the time if you plan on keeping a VW. How to read Wiring Diagrams, part 1 of 2 I would not even consider for a moment owning a VW unless I had a VCDS to tell me what it is doing.
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    New Owner - First Diesel

    I had a couple vacuum leak issues over the years. An unexpected one was the integrated vacuum reservoir in the cylinder head cover. It is easy to check to see if it holds vacuum. If not, it can be fixed with silicone around the seam which creates it right on the top of the cover. That leak only...
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    over heating issue so conclusion

    These cars are not designed to run with only water in the cooling system.