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  1. cleaver

    403 Forbidden

    When I type in my browser, I get a white page with the 403 error stating "You don't have permission to access / on this server." When I google search ( and click on a link, I get one of two things to occur. 1. I get access to the thread, or 2. I get...
  2. cleaver

    Car wont start, might be starter?

    Could be your battery is pooched bad enough to stop the car from starting. Starting to sound like it may be the starter though or a grounding issue.
  3. cleaver

    Car wont start, might be starter?

    low voltage is typical of creating high pitch beeps instead of regular beeps. Low voltage also can make multiple sensors produce erroneous codes. I would first say your battery, TDI's require strong batteries. If its truly not your battery, the starter could have failed as well. Was there a...
  4. cleaver

    Saint john

    Congrats, there can't be too many ALH vehicles out there that our Canadian Winters and salting hasn't destroyed.
  5. cleaver

    Looking for stronger head gasket for ALH

    I don't know crap about this, but you came here and asked a question and several, if not all of the answers to your question points to something (most likely) other than the gasket. This thread should be locked, allow you to try a copper head gasket, and if it fails, start a new thread. Not...
  6. cleaver

    Best Canadian Source for Parts

    Agreed, but I only ever picked up stuff from him, or he delivered it to my work personally on one occasion. I am sure his shipping service is just as good as his customer service. (I even have him in my signature)
  7. cleaver

    Loss of Power/No Turbo (limp mode)

    The link to diagnosing your problem is in my signature... (the same link that Vince was talking about)
  8. cleaver

    Timing belt Lifespan (miles)?

    ...and over half the price if you go to an independant mechanic. Make sure the dealer replaced everything that they should have.
  9. cleaver

    02 Jetta: Passenger mirror heater stuck on

    Some dumbass engineer out there was not truly an engineer. All engineers are OCD to some extent. Leaving a switch either at L or R is not OCD won't allow it (as I am an engineer as well).
  10. cleaver

    Why all these big vehicles?

    The world does not revolve around America and if you talked to any first world country residents you would find out that no one really wants to be like America or live in America - we are all more than happy to stay in our awesome countries. Dealerships/manufacturers sell the vehicles that...
  11. cleaver

    I guess this could mean a million things

    Eloquent...but I agree. Its near impossible to read the OP's two sentences. Most of us have jobs, so it takes a little more than a few hours to get a good response.
  12. cleaver

    Need Advice Pursuing Getting A Dealership To Do Their Job......

    THIS ^^^ is the answer to your question. This dealership doesn't have mechanics, they have monkeys trained to use diagnostic tools. They have no idea what to do if their tools do not find anything. Go find yourself another independent mechanic or make the trip to visit another dealership that...
  13. cleaver

    Is this accelleration... normal? that time I had someone else doing my TDI work. I "assumed" the local TDI guru would have advised me if there was issue. Sadly, he didn't say a thing and I didn't ask. Soon after, I realized that he wasn't that conscientious of TDI work and I moved on to a better mechanic.
  14. cleaver

    Is this accelleration... normal?

    I replaced my MAF and VNT actuator and it fixed some power issues. Still went into Limp mode on my long hill, I had to feather the go pedal to keep it from going into limp mode. Good luck...have you read the link in my signature...its a great step by step for this issue.
  15. cleaver

    Rising oil level

    I like that quote.... :D Anyway, it sounds to me like your engine overheated and damaged the head gasket. Are you losing any coolant?
  16. cleaver

    Is this accelleration... normal?

    If that doesn't fix it, just start following this link: I had the EXACT same issues you have; I diagnosed a bit here and there, but never really spent the time to find the problem. After a while I just ignored it and reset my limp mode...
  17. cleaver

    Is this accelleration... normal?

    I would say your turbo has already kicked out if you can only do 50MPH. When the car is in limp mode your car maxes out around 65MPH on a flat road. My sig has the link to the correct way of diagnosing limp mode but TDIJARHEAD's comment is a quick start.
  18. cleaver

    Lug nut, Uh oh

    Have you ever seen a VW shop do an oil change? If they can screw up an oil change they sure as heck can screw up a CPO inspection...
  19. cleaver

    How to Escalate Extended Emissions Warranty Claim

    One possible reason for not telling you is that they can charge you money to fix the non-warrantable issue. If they told you when you were leaving their shop, you could have went to another independent shop and had it fixed cheaper. Now that you are in their shop again, it would be a pain in...
  20. cleaver

    mechanic says thermostat needed. how can he tell?

    I disagree, that gauge on the cluster is useless (to a point). My gauge read straight up and down unless it was -20C which it would then read a touch low. I hooked up my scanguage and the actual temp when the needle was straight up and down was 70'ishC; at -20C, the real engine temp dropped...