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  1. Jetter_Sprinta

    ........back in town

    ........back in town
  2. Snow tires

    Snow tires

  3. Jetter_Sprinta

    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    Thanks, Peter and Julie for hosting the best GTG of the year, every year! It was definitely worth the effort to see so many TDI friends, even though there may have been more talk about EVs than diesels! Thanks, also IBW for your patience and generosity in chauffeuring me around for the day...
  4. Jetter_Sprinta

    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    I am looking at flights: I want to win the biggest carbon footprint award! Edit: Done!
  5. Jetter_Sprinta

    New England Friday night?

    I wish I could, but I'm stuck in Xcuse.
  6. Jetter_Sprinta

    Boston Metro/NE peeps FFGTG?

    We couldn't possibly have a FFGTG without the Vs!
  7. Jetter_Sprinta

    Great drives in Northern New England...

    Thanks for this post. Back in the day, my '78 diesel Rabbit and I made it a goal to get lost and see as much of this gorgeous country as possible. Years later, when my '99 MK3 Jetta TDI was an infant, my ex and I spent every weekend finding every corner. Except when the unpaved roads suck, turn...
  8. Jetter_Sprinta

    Boston Metro/NE peeps FFGTG?

    How many times have I said I'd NEVER do this again?! I'm heading home for the first time since January to get a section of my wind pipe chopped. I have more than Friday 5/3 available. If there is *any* interest, should I do a poll for date/location?
  9. Jetter_Sprinta

    3 diesels a Wedding and a BIG NH GTG

    Happy Anniversary Julie & Peter!! Krappy hasn’t kept up nearly as well as your marriage, but I think that door handle and window still work! Another blast from the past is reading all the posters’ names and trying to remember who the were!
  10. Jetter_Sprinta

    A&K Eurowerx

    Eurowerx posted today on FB about their shop full of timing belts on TBTuesday. (They offer a discount.) Note to self, never schedule a timing belt for a Tuesday... or anything else, for that matter! With all the salt, I cringe every time I drive my car. The mis-assembled wheel liner has a...
  11. Jetter_Sprinta

    New Manual SEL GSW Owner

    Is this the one from Whappenger's Falls? GSWs look so good in dark blue (and red!)
  12. Jetter_Sprinta

    A&K Eurowerx

    I, like you, have them on my radar. They are both former dealer guys (Romano, I think). I plan to go there for my next oil change and have them straighten out my wheel liners after I went to a non-Audi/VW shop for my timing belt. They did a great job on the timing belt, but I think they don't...
  13. Jetter_Sprinta

    1-1-2019 ho5g gtg

    Thanks so much Julie & Peter for another great GTG! Let's grant Hoagie his New Year's resolution to get a FFGTG in before next January! Like Zippy said, it's a sign of wonderful people and good friendships that we 1) want to start off every year together and 2) can pick up the conversation...
  14. Jetter_Sprinta

    1-1-2019 ho5g gtg

    I *think* I can make it... should I bring sweet, savory, or my mother?
  15. Jetter_Sprinta

    B4 & B4V Parts Cars

    Wiinter's coming..fuel prices up-uP-UP!... Hello :)
  16. Jetter_Sprinta

    B4 & B4V Parts Cars

    What happened to the days where someone would buy a parts car just because they needed the door handle :rolleyes:? **feeler** If there's any interest in buying my previous (and being a VW, an ongoing) project / current driver, pretty nice Storm Grey B4V with only 157xxx miles, That's...
  17. Jetter_Sprinta

    B4 & B4V Parts Cars

    Happy Monday :) ...........a week and not even an insulting offer? This is so unlike the tight walleted Diesel crowd who I'm proudly a part of.
  18. Jetter_Sprinta

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Man...............I've been there AND there! Hi again everybody! Still driving my grey wagon I bought to fix and sell about 10? years ago! I had to come here to see that somebody is still friving these B4's...I hardly EVER see one. It's not the the old days brother TDI's...
  19. Jetter_Sprinta

    How would you build your dream B4 wagon?

    B3V 5th door ...way better looking... got one, it's on the list that'll never get done. & while I'm in there, throw in a useless rear wiper delete -s
  20. Jetter_Sprinta

    B4 & B4V Parts Cars

    Parts hoarder reluctantly posting: I have a 96 wagon- front end accident and hatch damage (large limb hit it)... runs great. 97 sedan- seized engine and some body damage (same large limb hit it :rolleyes:) cars are as is where is. They both are complete with the exception of damaged parts, many...