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  1. dhangejr

    FS: New MK4 5spd Frost Heater $95

    What is your Jetta manual auto? Did you buy the kit for a manual or auto?
  2. dhangejr

    Unicorn.. and well worth it. 2003 Jetta GLS TDi Wagon, 5 speed white.. Beautifully modified..

    I have a bew full pd150 convert , new everything, LSD , clean , no rust and have had several people say they wold give me 8k but I’ve had dozens say 5ish
  3. dhangejr

    PD parts

    BUMP pay for my time and shipping. It gonna take me an hour to package it and drive to the post office. Be mindful of that!
  4. dhangejr

    BEW Block Strengh?

    I know it’s old but back then the BEW was newer…today I KNOW the PD130 and 150 is stronger by the states don’t have many I’d their SO who HAS RAN 28-30- psi on a BEW for the last 10 years? How long did it actually last?
  5. dhangejr

    PD parts

    Maf housing, TIP, maf connector (according piece ) working o2 sensor , map sensor, catch can, that a EGR valve is the same on bew snd bhw according to idparts part number.
  6. dhangejr

    kw1281test: A Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    Ok so I is just like matching the remote. This is great news !
  7. dhangejr

    Burpod Tuning

    He has been really great to chat with, he hasn’t told me yet cause I’m a PD, but he’s very knowledgeable and helpful and I would not hesitate to get a tune from him.
  8. dhangejr

    PD parts

    most of this stuff is headed for the trash sooner or later it’s not really worth my time to bother with shipping it , but I hate to throw good stuff away!
  9. dhangejr

    PD parts

    I deleted my monsoon amp for an alpine power pack. Pay for my time and shipping it’s yours …that’s $40 shipped…
  10. dhangejr

    PD parts

    Bew pipe is gone
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    Monsoon amp
  13. dhangejr

    kw1281test: A Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    My question is simpler said : “if I make a new rfid chip will my old one still work?
  14. dhangejr

    kw1281test: A Free VDS-Pro / VagTacho Alternative

    First THANKS! This is GREAT! No more Russian software and no more vag taco ! You sir are genius! I have one question regarding the RF ID programing into the immobilizer: do you have to reprogram old RFID chips when programming a new one ? I thought IMMO3 chips could only be programmed once...
  15. dhangejr

    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    I’m still in Tacoma doing anything but complete rebuilds with your parts
  16. dhangejr

    PD parts

    ALH upper IC pipe - I was gonna use for upgrading my BEW turbo but went FMIC
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    BEw intercooler chatge pipe
  18. dhangejr

    PD parts

    Stock MAP catch can Egr cooler pipe BEw
  19. dhangejr

    PD parts

    Turbo intake pipe
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    Turbo intake pipe