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  1. ghohouston

    ALH blow by

    Are you using oil? If so, how much? A few things- the cap trying to blow off, that's fairly normal on an alh tdi, as is the blowby vapor/ smoke you're seeing. As far as causes, a restriction in the exhaust (clogged cat, pinched off pipe), a restricted air filter, and a turbo issue (far less...
  2. ghohouston

    What kind of performance increase to expect from VNT-17 & .230 nozzles in my ALH?

    You should have a pretty damn fun/ good running car with all of that.
  3. ghohouston

    Diesel dies after few seconds unless oil cap is off

    Sure sounds like the dpf is plugged. I'd disconnect it and see if it stays running. Or could be an issue with differential pressure sensor.
  4. ghohouston

    Any thoughts on this shifting issue on 2001 Beetle TDI 5 speed?

    Do yourself a favor and replace every bushing now. It won't be long before the others cause you problems.
  5. ghohouston

    Large Air Bubbles

    I do need to get one. I cleaned the one pictured out really well the last time I replaced the timing belt, with some Zep Purple industrial degreaser and flushed it well. It certainly lightened the color up a bit.
  6. ghohouston

    Large Air Bubbles

    There is no noticeable difference with the race pipe, it's just there to get rid of the valve. I have a Brm intake manifold as well. Mine is slightly modified haha. If the rubber lines are starting to crack, it is possible for them to let air in, but not leak diesel externally.
  7. ghohouston

    Large Air Bubbles

    And there is also a check valve in the fuel sending unit that people drill out, they say it can also cause air bubbles.
  8. ghohouston

    Large Air Bubbles

    I used some old air hose cut down the center and zip tied to the lines in a few places to keep the lines safe. Not the prettiest but it sure works, and lets you see what is happening with your fuel system.
  9. ghohouston

    Large Air Bubbles

  10. ghohouston

    Large Air Bubbles

    It could be your issue, could not be. You should fix the air intrusion though. I could not believe how much air the factory setup allowed in. I bought a few feet of the clear vinyl 5/16 tubing from home depot and replaced all of my underhood lines, and deleted the thermostatic tee. The stuff is...
  11. ghohouston

    Continental vs Yokohama

    I know it's not the exact tire you mentioned, but I had a set of Yokohama Avid Envigors on my Jetta years back. I got 100k or just under 100k miles out of those tires. I ran a few sets of Yoko's after, but a cheaper type, and didn't get anywhere near the life out of them, maybe 40-50k miles.
  12. ghohouston

    Subframe tightening on mk4

    Yet Brians predecessor laughed at me when I asked him if he changed many subframe bushings on mkiv's. Mine were absolutely worn.
  13. ghohouston

    Shift cables

    It definitely can take several tries of adjusting the cables. The plastic pin is broken off in mine too.
  14. ghohouston

    Tdi stopped making choooo sound and stopped whistling.

    Check all vacuum lines.
  15. ghohouston

    Cam Journal Caps, Wear/Scoring, ALH. How much is too much?

    Check oil pressure. If oil pressure is okay, I'd put it back together and continue to drive it, and not worry. If oil pressure is low, figure out why (it's not the cam caps).
  16. ghohouston

    Cranking No Start, A/C Compressor seized

    Injection pump timing is too retarded
  17. ghohouston

    steering rack questions

    I bought a new AAE rack for an Audi TT and swapped it in recently (I saw oilhammer highly regarded that brand). I had the same issue braddies stated early in this thread. Passenger side felt just like a bad tie rod, even with brand new tie rods. You could move the wheel side to side with it off...
  18. ghohouston

    Burpod Tuning

    Cam was pretty cheap, I think around 250 or so, porting was pretty expensive. I had a timing belt tensioner give up as I was pulling out of my driveway. Put a new timing belt kit on and ran that head another 10k miles or so but was worried about the valves. I had a spare head laying around so I...
  19. ghohouston

    Burpod Tuning

    Car brakes absolutely great, heavy rain, ice, snow, whatever. An abs sensor being out/ bad/ wiring issue to one isn't a problem at all.
  20. ghohouston

    Burpod Tuning

    Who cares? Lol. Been on for years. Broken speed sensor. Literally doesn't effect anything.