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  1. Ashleigh2006

    RIP Bryan Dunbar aka Redneck Truck

    This is the most heart breaking thing I've ever been through. Bryan was not just my boyfriend, but my absolute best friend. I know he had so many friends here on this forum and all the other forums. He talked about you guys frequently and loved learning all things VW/Audi and TDI. I am still a...
  2. Ashleigh2006

    New owner of a Q5 TDI

    For the right price, I'd be interested in selling mine :)
  3. Ashleigh2006

    Haggling a deal in a new Q5/Q7. What did you get?

    Just yesterday, I was offered close to $5k in discounts for a 15 q5 TDI with all the options - prestige plus, Audi exclusive, back optic, name it. I'm actually still trying to decide if it's worth it. I'm actually ahead in my current loan on the 14 Q5, so I'd roll in some equity...
  4. Ashleigh2006

    Tire wear on Q5's, what are owners seeing?

    Air them up to 40 psi, they will last a lot longer. I'm at 15k and my tires are still looking brand new :)
  5. Ashleigh2006

    Houston TDI owners

    Check with W Autoworks - they will shoot you straight. Their number is (832) 444-6889, ask for Keaton and tell him Ashleigh from Dallas sent you :)
  6. Ashleigh2006

    FS: 2001 Jetta GL TDI in DFW, TX - $5k

    Come on, no interest at all? :)
  7. rear roof racks

    rear roof racks

    2001 Jetta GL TDI
  8. read no roof racks

    read no roof racks

    2001 Jetta GL TDI
  9. rear driver's side

    rear driver's side

    2001 Jetta GL TDI
  10. front driver's side

    front driver's side

    2001 Jetta GL TDI
  11. headliner


    2001 Jetta GL TDI
  12. engine bay

    engine bay

    2001 Jetta GL TDI
  13. 2001 Jetta GL TDI

    2001 Jetta GL TDI

    pictures of my 2001 Jetta GL Tdi
  14. Ashleigh2006

    New owner of a Q5 TDI

    I absolutely love it! Have already put 1600+ miles on it. Standard trim level with the MMI navigation plus package.
  15. Ashleigh2006

    Q5 TDI Wins Forbes The Best Luxury Car Buys Of The Year

    Saw that article - just confirmed that I made the right decision.
  16. Ashleigh2006

    Q5 Mileage

    I've been averaging between 28 and 30 indicated (sometimes peaking around 33), but when I've filled up, my actual is closer to 28 mpg. I do a lot of city driving and have had some fun with it when out on the highway :) I purchased it beginning of October and already have 1600 miles on it!
  17. Ashleigh2006

    FS: 2001 Jetta GL TDI in DFW, TX - $5k

    FS: 2001 Jetta GL TDI in DFW, TX - $5k OBO I'm selling my 2001 VW Jetta GL TDI 5-speed. Clear blue Texas title in hand. Will post pictures when I login on the computer. Features: - ~278k miles -Manual transmission, recent fluid change -DieselGeek injection pump reseal 10k ago -100k timing...
  18. Ashleigh2006

    Audi Q5 TDI

    I just bought a Q5 TDI and the engine is mounted longitudinally. Isn't the Tiguan's engine mounted transversely?