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    How to store fuel pump?

    I would think it would be best to store in a stainless steel container filled with ATF to the top and sealed tight .... Store it in an area that stays roughly room temp tear round (to avoid possible condensation inside the container). I say to use ATF rather than diesel because diesel can have...
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    Good after market alh exhaust

    I have a Kerma 3" system .....Seems good I'm in a small town so no real good exhaust shops around here and most cannot do non crimped / neck down bends anyways. Andrew
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    Using Damaged VNT17?

    HI, I used to mow for a living and hence used to sharpen my own mower blades for better cut quality and savings (not having to pay somebody else to do it) ..... When sharpening and attempting to balance the mower blades , you would be surprised at how little material removal can make a big...
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    cleaning fuel injectors

    HI, Maybe easier / faster to try a good injector cleaner at a mega strong dose? ..... I have heard of people using everything from ATF, to Sea Foam, to Power Service to ??? Andrew
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    2-ethylhexyl nitrate?

    HI, I was interested trying to buy some of that in 55 gallon drums and putting Power Service out of bus1ness but my dad (a chemist) was fearful of having that amount of product sitting in the hot garage..... something about it potentially getting unstable and / or becoming explosive /...
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    Recommendations for new CV axles

    HI, I tried them before but they were out ..... I'll try them again... Thanks Andrew
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    Spring lift skepticism

    HI, I have the lesjofors springs and like them .... see my sig for mods (offhand I cannot recall where I got them tho). I used harder rubber strut mounts (034 brand) and 1 spacer (I think 1/2 inch or 1 " I cannot recall offhand). I kept the stock rear springs (about 490K on them) Andrew PS...
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    Which US spec TDI with a few mods achieves the greatest MPG typically?

    I'm thinking a MK 2 jetta (light weight) mated to an ALH engine and 6 speed tranny would be the best combo .... even better if you could mod the bodywork from 4 door sedan to a wagon for more space. Andrew
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    Recommendations for new CV axles

    HI, Sorry I probably didn't use the correct terminology but it;s the inner joints that need replacing (one of them had a ripped boot for who knows how long and makes funny noises now)..... I figured if I have to rebuild the one might as well do them all (well both) and have a set of back up...
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    Recommendations for new CV axles

    Hi, I have a set of OEM CV axles that I'd like to get rebuilt but cannot seem to locate a set of inner CV joints ..... Any idea where I can find some ? ( I tried ID Parts , FCP Euro and a a couple other places I can't recall but they seem to be out of the inners). Thanks Andrew
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    Burpod Tuning

    Wow! Thats's some GREAT MPG's ..... PLEASE post results when you do an all interstate run .... It took the mods in my signature (and 60-62 MPH driving) for me to get my "good" MPG's but if you are getting that going faster speed wise I'm thinking there may be something good about the tune ...
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    HI, Cool that there are some people in / near CVille .... As far as good mechanics around here ..... I'm not sure they exist ..... TDI Tom does all my work but he is in NOVA area ..... worth the drive tho BUT if you discover anybody locally that could be helpful too but thankfully my car...
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    BEW, Which Turbo (VNT17, Hybrid, or GT) and Clutch (Daily or Endurance, Dual Mass?)

    HI, I'd go with a stage 3 clutch in case you want to go with even more power in the future . As far as the harder clutch pedal , It's really not that bad .... matter of fact I often thought the stock clutch feel was too soft to the point I felt the lightness was the result of something broken...
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    ///// Bell Mouth adapter to help increase airflow to the intercooler ? /////

    HI All, Most of us try to get cooler intake air by upgrading intercoolers (aftermarket SMIC or Front mount intrercoolers) or by installing vented fender liners (to give air an easier path out of the intercooler to promote better air airflow through the intercooler) BUT has anybody experimented...
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    LSD thoughts - Peloquin or Wavetrac?

    HI, Between the two I would go with wavetrac because I read that if one tire sits on ice and the other has traction only the wavetrac can pull out because the other LSD requires some grip on the slipping tire to transfer power to the other wheel with traction ..... I would love to have the...
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    ///// Are these parts good ? /////

    HI, I know good parts are needed to ensure reliability and durability. With that in mind.... how are the following parts as far as quality / durability 1) Geba water pumps with metal impeller 2) GKNLoebro CV rebuild kits for the CV axles ( I have old OEM VW axles that had bad CV joints and...
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    Burpod Tuning

    HI All, Been awhile since I've been on the forum ( work and life sometimes gets in the way of TDIs ha....). Anyways, it's been fun catching up on the forums and seeing how things are progressing .... Glad to see Burpod and his tuning moving forward..... I'll be needing a tune after awhile...
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    WTB 5x100 wheels. Southeast NC

    I have 2 Volk TE37 "Gravel" wheels (you'll have to find 2 more to have a full set) .... OK condition .... could use a strip / repaint But can use as is .... Forged / strong / lightweight. I also have some steelies / and Avus wheels Andrew
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    Chime In: Kerma Springs? Bilstein TC struts? OE? Advice needed for grandpa driver

    Hmmmm since you have gone this far .... go a little more and get a rear anti sway bar and an aluminum skid plate ... both will help with handling / feel. Andrew
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    ///// Solid Subframe bushings / solid Steering rack holder bushings /////

    HI, Thinking about modding the "stiffness" of the car .... Does anybody firsthand experience with solid subframe bushings and Steering rack brackets by Tyrolsport ? Did it make much difference in stiffness / feel or Noise / Vibration / harshness? Thanks Andrew