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  1. Stinkyfingers

    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Now you’ll have all the time un the world to work on our “antique” TDIs!
  2. Stinkyfingers

    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Guess I'm still around but also mostly spending time riding motorcycles and burning fossil fuels for fun. Buds on the apple trees! Is wi9nter done?
  3. Stinkyfingers

    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Mark, As soon as it gets cold enough to make driving north fun, I plan to head up to meet a buddy from Marquette. If there's not too much snow work for you, let's plan on Short's or some BudLite gin mill closer to where you plug in your block heater. -John
  4. Stinkyfingers

    FS Brake pads, front set, with sensor wire

    Set of brand new pads, were for my '03 Jetta but fit many VW products. Federal Mogul #MKD768A Google your fitment needs first. $15 plus my cost to mail them to you. Should fit in a USPS small flat rate box.
  5. Brake pads

    Brake pads

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  7. Stinkyfingers

    FS: Bentley Manual, '98-'05 1.9 L TDI and PD Golf, Jetta, Beetle, etc.

    This is the big manual with a couple of thousand pages. Little used. My TDI Jetta wagen was pretty reliable and sold last week with almost 500,000 miles on it. Most smudges are in the timing belt chapter ;-) but the book is very clean and not abused. $50 Thanks!
  8. Stinkyfingers

    FS: Winter tires, on steelies, balanced $250

    4 very good Michelin X-Ice 195-65R15 winter tires mounted and balanced on steel wheels 15"x6", 5x100 bolt pattern, 38mm positive offset. Were mounted on 2003 Jetta Wagen. Correct fit for Jetta '99-'05, Golf '92-'06, New Beetle '98-01, Audi A3 '96-'03. I've used these 2 winters but did not...
  9. Winter Tires

    Winter Tires

  10. IMG_3707 3.jpeg

    IMG_3707 3.jpeg

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    IMG_3708 3.jpeg

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    IMG_3709 3.jpeg

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    IMG_3710 3.jpeg

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    IMG_3706 3.jpeg

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  16. Stinkyfingers

    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Where can I announce this sad development? The old girl needed a steering rack, rear bushings, a couple of glow plugs and maybe a CV joint. Just didn't have the energy to tackle stuff like that laying on my back in the driveway in winter. Talked to Marty and figured even with a $75 junkyard...
  17. Stinkyfinger's '03 Jetta

    Stinkyfinger's '03 Jetta

  18. Stinkyfingers

    A Sad Goodbye to the Old Girl...

    I was hoping to get to 500,000 miles and then have her bronzed and mounted in a tree in front of my barn, but alas she left home this morning. Why? Well, she needed a new steering rack ($75 from a junkyard) and all the miscellaneous hardware it would take to do that install; Youtube videos...