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  1. Leo819

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I saw 6.29 for diesel in Philly burbs today.
  2. Leo819

    3 diesels a Wedding and a BIG NH GTG

    Well hello and Congrats Peter and Julie. Welp. I'm driving a diesel again. A School Bus this time.
  3. Leo819

    WTB: MK7 Driver Side Halogen Headlight SEPA

    I'm located in the Philly suburbs. I looking for pre facelift. I'm willing to buy a set, if priced right. LMK what you have. Thank you
  4. Leo819

    TDIFest 2018 planning discussion

    I'm in PA, I was part of the 2006 fest, I'm willing to volunteer. My wife and I have family friends in Leander.
  5. Leo819

    Claims Site is LIVE

    2010 JSW estimated mileage 105K on 11/01 getting 15.5K buyback
  6. Leo819

    December offerings by Burlington VW NJ

    Sorry to hear the break in at the dealership Chris. I hope you guys recover the cars.
  7. Leo819

    2010 JSW clock spring

    I need to order a clock spring for wife's car. anybody have part number?. thank you
  8. Leo819

    Boston GTG Sun 10/12/14 @ VW Day - Larz Auto Museum

    are guys going to have a NEDD? I need a tdi, I really miss having one. I'm thinking of making the trip up.
  9. Leo819

    96 Passat TDI FS

    /me Wondering if I'm worthy of a tomo owned car....hmmmmm....
  10. Leo819

    Knurren, My 2003 Jetta Wagon 5 speed

    Teary eyed.... Glad to see the milestone. After owning a CC for a year, and a MK6 gti for 3 years, I'm ready to hop back into a TDI.
  11. Leo819

    Anyone with a VAGCOM in SEPA?

    True, though, he can still have programmed to raise/lower if he inserts the key into the door lock. I know this is a week old. But I'm willing to scan for you.
  12. Leo819

    ImpexTDIFest 2014

    Dentwizard for me
  13. Leo819

    I need a GTG!

    I would be interested. IT's been way too long since I've been to a TDI GTG
  14. Leo819

    5 Gallon yellow Diesel Jugs - PA

    It is a good deal, I want them out of the garage, to free up space. No shipping. Willing to travel 2 hrs or less.
  15. Leo819

    5 Gallon yellow Diesel Jugs - PA

    $5 each.... I would like to sell together for $25. I'm located in SouthEast PA/Philly burbs.
  16. Leo819

    PA TDIers, state inspection question

    I was going to a fleet/light duty (also general auto) diesel shop in east montco for my inspection. No issues when I had my mk4.
  17. Leo819

    It's never too early to think about 2013!

    I hosted the 2006 tdifest in valley forge. It was one of the highest attended fests at the time. We had people from all over. It's all up to who make the commitment to put it together. We had alot of members who went to the Northwest Fest from the east coast. People will come if the effort is...
  18. Leo819

    It's never too early to think about 2013!

    I have time to plan and or help with a Fest this year. There is a good location for one. Harrisburg, PA. IT's extremely accessible to North America. PA Dutch Country Harley Davidson York pa Gettysburg It's also near by some of our favorite vendors on this site. IF anyone is interested in...
  19. Leo819

    It's never too early to think about 2013!

    but isnt that most us?:D:p
  20. Leo819

    New England Dyno Day 2012 (NEDD12) information

    i can post up on golfmk6 forums if you want lmk