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  1. leicaman

    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    I have 165k on my 2015 Golf SE TDI. All the maintenance is up to date, new tires, front brakes and a driver's side OEM front axle. Couple of little things went such as the hatch latch (OEM was used in replacement) and a mirror glass just plain became unglued. Next oil change I am putting all...
  2. leicaman

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Well today I changed the oil on my Golf. Oil change went splendidly as I am finally used to that goofy filter location. However, when I pulled down my belly pan, I found splinters of a serpentine belt. Argh! Belt still intact but running on a prayer. I have heard that the newer tensioners...
  3. leicaman

    2015 Golf TDI long crank first start of the day

    I had this issue for awhile a few months back. What fixed it was changing out my fuel filter and then running some power service in the tank. It has been brilliant since. Recently I was due for filters to be changed after another fussless 20k miles and the filter was dirtier than I thought...
  4. leicaman

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I changed the oil on my Golf today. Again went with the 0w30 VW oil I purchased at the dealership parts counter along with oil filter and new drain plug. Next week I plan on buying a filter pack, likely at idparts. The car is at 130k.
  5. leicaman

    2015 Golf TDI Timing Belt Replacement (NJ)

    I just had mine done by JasonTDI near Madison, Wis. I did mine at 117k. The tensioner was just starting to splay grease and the timing and serpentine belts were showing micro cracks, so it was all due. I also had my DSG fluid changed as that was also due. Car is running nicely. Trickiest...
  6. leicaman

    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    Just turned 117,000 on mine. Timing belt just done by JasonTDI. So far so good. Just maintenance.
  7. leicaman

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Today was a busy one for my Golf. JasonTDI installed a new timing belt and serviced the DSG on the 2015 Golf I currently own. All seems to be working spot on and at 117k, it was due to be done very soon. Belt had slight signs of cracking by the teeth and tensioner was showing signs of grease...
  8. leicaman

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    What I did to my MK 7, I replaced a fuel filter and both license plate lights. I was delighted how easy the project went. :)
  9. leicaman

    Sliced finger on sharp edge in front of shifter

    I am probably going to order one myself. I sliced my finger on that surround myself! :(
  10. leicaman

    Increased fuel and AdBlue consumption

    In the winter with winter fuel, I normally get around 42-44 mpg on the freeway jaunts (cruise set at 75) I do. If I stick to the country roads, well then I can get a few more miles per gallon. My mileage is better in the summer as I am no longer running winter tires.
  11. leicaman

    Diesel particulate filter

    When I had my second phase of the fix performed, I believe the part was replaced on my 2015 Golf TDI SE. It believe it has to do with miles on the unit. I had 48k when I bought my car in November and didn't have the part two fix done until parts became available the following year when I had...
  12. leicaman

    suspension rattle fix

    This may be common to folks on their MK 7 golf, be it gasser, TDI , GTI, or R. I was getting a low speed rattle on small bumps that was frankly driving me crazy. So I took it to my favorite suspension guy and he determined (as I suspected) that the stabilizer link or links were worn. Sure...
  13. leicaman

    Ea288 oil consumption

    Mine has been very good. I did have to add a half quart at one interval. SO far the oil level is where it should be.
  14. leicaman

    2015 golf?

    I have had all the fixes done on my at my dealer. Car runs great. This week I had the DSG service done and brake fluid taken care of. Last week I drove it to Madison, Wis. from my house which is a 2 hour trip. Pretty much stuck to the speed limit and the car returned me 48mpg according to the...
  15. leicaman

    Time for some new shine!

    She is a beauty.
  16. leicaman

    Proposed Michigan gas tax

    It is not just the state, it is at the county and city level here in Sheboygan, Wis. We have an annual $20 city wheel tax along with a half penny county sales tax that is for roads. The wheel tax is exclusive for streets. Our roads in our county and city were really bad. My regular mechanic...
  17. leicaman

    Is this an AdBlue leak?

    I got my Golf TDI SE fixed under warranty. Has been fine since. When it leaks like that expect to go through a ton of AdBlue. Get it fixed.
  18. leicaman

    VW Still Believes In Diesels; Unveils New 2.0 TDI Mild Hybrid

    I found it interesting that my daughters 2019 Jetta SE with the 1.4T engine has a space where a urea fill are would go if a diesel were in that car. Mind you this is a redesign of the Jetta series.
  19. leicaman

    Deer accident

    Your AC condensor is probably toast too. Make sure your intercooler is inspected. (it will be visible upon disassembly. I have been there. Those nasty little buggers have killed more cars than need be. I wish you the best going forward in getting the repairs done. I can imagine what you said...
  20. leicaman

    Proper tire pressure for snow tires

    I run 34 psi front and rear on my 2015 golf with the same size snows. My summer 17 inchers use the same pressure.