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    New tire recommendation

    I put the primacy on the EOS and love them. So quiet and great handling. The continentals on my Jetta suck. Worst tire ever on a VW. They make tons of noise poor grip and at 26k on the car just about wore out. I put primacy on a Passat that I had and made huge improvement as well.
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    Sitting in a garage for a month.......question.

    After the car is made it sits all over the place, ports trailers dealer lots. Start the car and drive it. Lol
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    Tire Pressure... 2013 Jetta TDI

    Tire pressure will drop with air temperatures. Some people get nitrogen fills on there tires cause it maintains pressure over wider temp spreads.
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    Keyless lock/unlock not always working...

    Must be great gloves if the sensor can't pick up your hand thru the glove.
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    alternator snow issues

    Bad tensioner on the belt?
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    Keyless lock/unlock not always working...

    It is so worth the trouble to change the battery. The dealer is not always right when it comes to "reproducing issues" lol.
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    DSG fluid analysis?

    Exactly what I experienced afterwords. Most notable was the quiet reverse gear and the ultra fast shift from park to reverse and reverse to drive. Well worth the money and not worth skimping on.
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    Wiper Blades Other Than OEM?

    I seen the icons at Wally mart said they fit both the sedan and the wagon. I checked with Bosch website and seen they don't fit the sedan. I did have a thought about taking the icon wiper apart and seeming if the blade insert out of the icons would slide into the oem wiper housing.
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    Random Occasional Ding

    Perhaps it's some sort of reminder to take your keys with you. I have KESSY and I get the single ding all the time.
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    car pulling to hard right under acceleration

    That's good news glad your car only needs a few tires.
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    2011 Jetta died after glow plug/pressure sensor trouble code

    Your right just an opinion, however there is plenty of folks here reporting not using any products and having a pump failure. Perhaps power service extended your pumps life some. I haven't heard of anyone using XPD every tank having a failure either. I used power service and my mileage kept...
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    Keyless lock/unlock not always working...

    The new battery is going to be way cheaper then going to the dealer. You should change the battery first.
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    car pulling to hard right under acceleration

    Is there a sensor or any sort of program in the steering control that counters torque steer. Just wondering because it seems very minimal in both my VW cars. Just a thought on the OP situation if there is something that is counter acting the torque steer
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    Different size front and rear tires
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    Different size front and rear tires

    Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference 205/50-16 4.0in 12.0in 24.1in 75.6in 838 0.0% 205/55-16 4.4in 12.4in 24.9in 78.2in 811 3.4%
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    How Do I Disable Bluetooth?

    Wouldn't it been easier to shut the blue tooth function off on your phone?
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    Shop wants $300 for 20,000 mile service...

    Sounds like a crappy dealership if they are charging for the free maintenance. I think the OP should call VW corporate make a complaint on the dealership. There is no way the dealer is not aware the 20k maint is free, so it's got to be intentional. I'd find another dealer that was more...
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    car pulling to hard right under acceleration

    You most likely bent something, how is the steering wheel looking driving straight? Centered or turned some to left or right?
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    Shop wants $300 for 20,000 mile service...

    The maintenance supposed be free at 20,000 miles
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    Finally Back: 2015 VW Jetta TDI SEL

    That's exactly what I add too, and dump the opti in first as well.