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  1. Rig

    27in tires on the Jetta??

    spend 3x as much on diesel, no thanks haha. I put A LOT of miles on this car commuting. But yes, with those 6ply tires I'd be losing a lot of mpg also I think. Yeah, handling is probably terrible on 27in tires. I think I will stick to the original plan of getting 15in wheels with the...
  2. Rig

    27in tires on the Jetta??

    The road is very high traffic. They do maintain it yearly but not enough. Most people have 10ply tires on their trucks out there. I'm just trying to get a handle on what my options really are here. I am very curious to know how frankenbuilt fit these tires on that mk3.
  3. Rig

    27in tires on the Jetta??

    So, I'm once again returning to the idea of getting some larger tires. I live down a 10min rough dirt road that is notorious for causing flats. Really, I'm just after the best long term solution for the Jetta in this scenario and am willing to explore whatever is going to work the best. One...
  4. Rig

    WTB set of 4x100 G60 15in wheels

    I'm looking for a set of the 15in G60 Corrado Wheels for my 98 Jetta TDI. Need to bump up from my 14s to fit bigger brakes. Currently, these are the only ones for sale online that I could find...
  5. Rig

    264,000 mile maintenance work

    I replaced mine once about 7 years ago and never had an issue since. Weird. Didn't know it was that common of a failure point. Maybe I should get a spare now that I'm typing this :LOL: Also, I wish i had your mechanics. Most mechanics around here don't even want to touch the car. One mechanic...
  6. Rig

    Intermittent turn signal issue

    I recall I had to replace that whole piece stalks and all just after I got the car. I'm sure it solved many issues preemptively. Might be worth investigating the turn signal relay?
  7. Rig

    New member, low mileage '98 Jetta

    It's a phenomenal car. I hope she understands it's value. I've put mine through the wringer. It's my "first car and my last" as I like to say...
  8. Rig

    Door trim piece

    Door bumpers lol...
  9. Rig

    Door trim piece

    yeah, these are hard to find oem. There are some knockoff ones on ebay, however anything original is probably going to cost an arm and a leg. I'm missing all of mine and eventually need to find some also.
  10. Rig

    Parking Brake Sticking?

    Ok, thanks guys! I think I have a game plan. Will post update when I have things taken apart. Ordering new cables now.
  11. Rig

    Parking Brake Sticking?

    Lots of information here in this thread and everywhere else. At this point I'm just trying to fix my problem economically. Not opposed to rear discs as I actually have a brand new set of drums and they seems to be already having issues, but if all I need to do is replace the cables that would be...
  12. Rig

    Parking Brake Sticking?

    Appears that the cables are readily available, but the guide tubes are not. Seems like something that could be fairly easily fabricated. Parts: 1H0 711 951 B 1H0 711 952 C
  13. Rig

    Parking Brake Sticking?

    Thanks very much for the link! Helps to have part numbers etc... Very helpful Why don't you like discs in rear Todd? Seems to be one of the most hotly debated topics on here.
  14. Rig

    Parking Brake Sticking?

    For a while I've been hearing a intermittent squeak from my rear drum on my passenger side. Opened it up and lots of powder. I think my parking brake is sticking. Wheel hub is hot. Took it to a mechanic and they concurred saying I needed to replace the brake cables and sheaths. They were...
  15. Rig

    WTB Door panel(s) for mk3 jetta (preferably black) especially rear driver side

    I would love to get some fresh(er) door panels. My rear driver is in really bad shape and that's the one I need most. I believe the part number is 1HM 867 211ER I have manual windows. I don't really care what color but black would be awesome.
  16. Rig

    Broken Shift Cable (02J swap)

    This is a small success, but nevertheless satsifying. I honestly can't recall if these have ever worked properly. Old sensor may have been dead for a long time either way. LEDs are of course super bright and actually are pretty helpful. My dad jokes my reverse lights are brighter than his...
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  20. Rig

    What's your stereo setup?

    Well, I think with a smaller sub you might able able to make a custom enclosure in the trunk, right behind where the rear lights are. At least that was my eventual plan (on both sides). Another idea i had was to slot them into the rear dash. Failing that, an amplifier with some high quality 6in...