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  1. kromicacid

    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Just had mine repaired. Year: 2012 Mileage: 130,000 Warning Light(s): Check Engine Light (solid yellow/orange, not flashing) Code(s): P202B Any symptoms or problems before diagnosis: none, ran perfectly. Cleared code once, came back. Repair Time: Going on 5 days. Should have been over...
  2. kromicacid

    anyone else handsfree phone sound like sh&t

    I had a terrible time with my BT microphone... The headliner was replaced because the fabric was cut short, and was showing around the weather seal on most doors. I think when the put the microphone/sunroof trim back in they broke the little tab that held it in place, along with the microphone...
  3. kromicacid

    ImpexTDIFest 2013 Food Thread

    I will bring some potato chips, and pretzels.
  4. kromicacid

    Head liner replacement ? How involved ?

    when putting a new headliner in, you have to take out a seat, laying it down (folding either way) does not give enough space to get the new one in without bending it... i was told this by the dealer that performed a headliner replacement because you could see the edge of the fabric next to the...
  5. kromicacid

    Buying/Replacing Cabin Air Filter Under the DIY Service: Cabin filter change -
  6. kromicacid

    ImpexTDIFest 2013

    Im planning on coming - RocketChip on '12 Passat Auto if possible... bringing vag-com if anyone needs anything simple.
  7. kromicacid

    Road tripping, to TN

    check out might be helpful... who knows, you might get lucky.
  8. kromicacid

    anybody have vagcom? in pa/nj area

    im in West Chester, PA - 19382 - come on out if you still need help.
  9. kromicacid

    Door Lock Actuator Sticking

    Mine went bad a last month. Dealer replaced under warranty.
  10. kromicacid

    Engine Block Heater and MPG

    Im pretty sure the FrostHeater does. i may have misread this but: from 1/2 way down the page • Thermostatically controlled prevents over-heating From the ZeroStart manual: (4MB file -
  11. kromicacid

    Engine Block Heater and MPG

    I am not lamenting that the job took 6 hours, I am simply stating that the job can be done quicker with the correct tools. And about 3 hours of those 6 we used searching for something or other. Correct, but when the exact tools are not listed on what you will need prior to beginning it is...
  12. kromicacid

    Engine Block Heater and MPG

    Good Luck! it took me about 6 hours to install mine... but then again i did not have the right tools as i am in temproary housing... so about 3 of those hours was spending looking for something that would 'work'. I suggest using the reccomendation from FrostHeater on how to take off the...
  13. kromicacid

    Engine Block Heater and MPG

    Yes. it cycles on and off when needed once it hits a certian temp.
  14. kromicacid

    What did you do to your car today?

    This past weekend I washed my car! First time in 3 months. FINALLY had some free time. And it fogged up that night and ruined my wonderful job... Oh well, at least the salt and debris from Sandy are no longer on the car. :rolleyes: I had to take a day off work to do it, but I got the...
  15. kromicacid

    Anyone w/ VCDS cable to share in PA?

    come to West Chester - 19382 and will do what we can...
  16. kromicacid

    Engine Block Heater and MPG

    Hybrids are not as good on the highway - or as fun... once i get to work, i go out for 100-200 mile rides at least 2x per week... its great!
  17. kromicacid

    Engine Block Heater and MPG

    Just ordered my FrostHeater! cant wait to get it in the mail so i can put it in! My 4.2 mile commute - the car just does not get hot... hopefully this will increase my MPG and lessen the wear on the engine...
  18. kromicacid

    Lower the rear windows ALL the way?

    Why does the CC rear window go all the way down then???
  19. kromicacid

    Are You Kidding Me!?!?!?

    Dalessandro's Steaks. No contest.