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    What's my customized '98 Jetta TDI worth?

    I honestly have no idea of the market for this car. I know I would have been better off selling it this Spring when gas was selling at $4.50/gal and before the bottom fell completely out of the stock market, but I hesitated and am sure I will pay the price for that hesitation. The last offer I...
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    What's my customized '98 Jetta TDI worth?

    I have a '98 Jetta TDI that I had built up for a show car that I have not started up in almost 2 years and I have not driven in over 3+ years. I have finally come to realize that I am never going to get back to work on this car (yes I am that slow). The car has about 110K miles, and is...
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    How long is this GB in effect for?
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    FS OBD II Interface (VAG-Com) [SOLD]

    I'll take it if its still available
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    FS New Compact 3-way Tensioner Tool

    Add my name to the list. Planning on a TB change in the next few weeks.
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    Factory 6CD Changer from '98 NB

    Re: Factory 6CD Changer from \'98 NB <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Send Paypal to and I'll get it to UPS or USPS (whichever you prefer) as soon as I can. Prolly tomorrow right after classes let out. Just use the calculator from either USPS or UPS to...
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    Factory 6CD Changer from '98 NB

    Re: Factory 6CD Changer from \'98 NB Part number is 1J6 035 111 <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">WINGNUT Got your email. I have to go with first come first served as a matter of courtesy but it's all yours if Mike decides he's not interested
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    Factory 6CD Changer from '98 NB

    Factory 6CD Changer from \'98 NB Hello everyone. This came out of a car I worked on for a friend about two years ago. It's been sitting in my closet ever since. He doesn't want it and said its OK for me to sell it so here goes. It's in prefect mechanical condition but flawed cosmetically. The...
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    OE A3 Jetta NA Headlight w/fog switching

    In case every doesn't already know Ted is an awesome guy to do business with. Paid for the switch on Thursday and it was in my mailbox this morning. People like him restore my faith in buying online from individuals.
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    FK Suspension

    There's a typo in the link to your business....remove the comma and the link should work
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    OE A3 Jetta NA Headlight w/fog switching

    SOLD...Email me at
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    Wrecked A3 TDI near Marysville, PA

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Boy do you have that right. the place is indeed called Arrow Auto Sales. They have a lot in Dauphin, PA that sells veedubs with salvage titles and then they have their salvage yard in Liverpool, PA. I drove up there last week looking for...
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    Wrecked A3 TDI near Marysville, PA

    Hey guys I know this is going to frustrate some due to its vagueness but last weekend on my way to the DMB concert in Hershey, PA I stopped at this late model VW salvage yard near Marysville, PA. I couldn't find the name of the place nor do I know the exact address but its on the southbound side...
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    Misc. A3 parts

    Do you still have ay of these parts left? If so please email me. Thanks
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    Engine loses power on acceleration

    What car do you have? Is it an A3 or A4 car? I had the same problems a while back in my TDI (a '98 Jetta TDI) and found that the culprit was the various vacuum lines running throughout the engine to the N75 sensor. Once I replaced them (about $5 and 45 minutes of labor) all was right with the...
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    Power loss at high RPM

    Check my reply to this thread:
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    Loses Power, DTC 00575

    Do yourself a favor before you go spending the same amount of time I did trying to diagnos the same problem. Replace all the vacuum lines that originate from the N75 sensor outward. Also replace the line from the ECU to the intake manifold. Total cost $8 This more than anything fixed my...
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    Sudden Power Loss

    I replaced them all. The N75 sensor has three lines coming out of it. One to the air intake, one to the wastegate, and the third one I believe goes to the EGR but I can't remember for sure. I also changed the intake manifold sensing line that runs from the ECU to the intake manifold, actually it...
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    VAG-COM and Autometer Voltage Gauge

    Title says it all. I have one slightly used VAG-COM device purchased by me last summer. I don't have the current software for it but Uwe Ross said that if I send him the name/info on the buyer that they have rights to the new software as well as registration info for it. I'm selling the...