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    17" Salamanca wheels for sale

    true. didn't think to check when I did the search.
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    17" Salamanca wheels for sale

    PM me if interested in selling just the tires. Thanks
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    FS: 4x 17" VW Salamanca Wheels & ContiProContact Tires - PA

    Would you be willing to sell just the tires, and what would you be asking? Thanks
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    IC Icing/possible damage? Thoughts and what next please

    A few weeks ago, when temperatures started to plunge in the Delmarva area, it was difficult to start my '10 JSW, and it seemed the battery was dead to me. I grabbed a deep cycle battery from my boat and used it. It was in the 10-15 degree F range, so it took some cranking to get it to start...
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    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    Very similar thing happened to me this weekend. And I have 45K on mine. Trying to figure out what to do, probably will call a stealer.
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    Yup, I knew that this would be the case, but didn't feel like going to the station to get fuel (and have to purchase a new container to prevent gas contamination) and also didn't feel like siphoning fuel out of the tank. I didn't see any negative impact other than possibly draining the battery...
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    I did the service this last Saturday and first of all, it's pretty easy. Took out the battery and airbox, then accessed the DSG filter, then climbed underneath and removed the dirt shield/air flow cover, then pulled plug and snorkel. Fluid looked extremely clean btw. People mentioned it...
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    Thanks! This is the advice I was looking for. Didn't get to it this weekend, but hopefully this week. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    Doing it this Friday or Saturday, it will be in the high 50's, outside, the most level part of my yard by the shed, and will be after I get home from work, a 60 mile drive, so it will be at operating temperature. 5 minutes to get changed from work clothes. I'll put the new tranny oil by a heat...
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    Thanks for the advice, but I'll take my chances this time. The following is not me trying to be a smart a$$, just telling how I justified to myself. You're probably right, I'll end up buying a VAGCOM for another reason in the future, but maybe not. If you figure an over estimated expansion...
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    I am getting ready to perform this service, and I pretty much agree with the quote below. I can hardly believe that the temperature would change the volume of the oil enough to make a darn bit of difference. Shifting through the gears, however, would, and possible the increased viscosity would...
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    WTB Cargo Area Cover

    I'm debating spending ~$150 on tinting for the rear of my car or trying to find a cargo area cover for my JSW. Please let me know if you have a cargo area cover that would work for a 2010 sportwagen, and how much you want. Interior is black leather with light gray headliner. Thanks
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hi, I'm Pete and I just bought a 2010 JSW TDI. Actually at the dealer now waiting for my complimentary detailing. :) I started a long commute about 6 months ago and the 2000 ford focus wasn't cutting it anymore, mpg-wise and comfort-wise. After having it a week and getting 41 mpg I'm sold...