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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Went out and there in the mailbox was an envelope from Bosch Settlement, Portland, OR, with a check for $350. About 4 months after our Jetta TDI was sold back. There is hope.
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    Boom! And just like that, I own a classic...

    If the government decided that nobody could drive farther than 25 miles from a city center then they could just shut down a whole lot of the west and turn it into a nature park which is what some would like to do now. There are places where an EV''s 200 mile or so range would mean that they'd...
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    GSW/Alltrack 1.8T TSI EA888 - Prospective Buyer Discussion Thread

    We got a white/black AllTrack 1.8 TSI S DSG because my wife wanted AWD and doesn't "do" manuals. Our last two cars, a '99 Passat V6 auto, and '13 Jetta TDI DSG which has gone to wherever "maybe" fixable TDI's go were good reliable. The TDI on road trips got 44-45 on cruise in rolling country...
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    Canceled my Tesla Model 3. Got the Mk7 TDI instead.

    We're members of an electric coop that publishes a magazine, and recently had an article on a couple in Montana that had a Tesla that they just loved. It would go 250 miles on the highway without needing to be recharged and could get an 80% charge in 20 minutes. Even with topping up the tank...
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    Nice little piece Putting Shell and Castrol by the FTC

    Using modern car engine oil in a motorcycle is not a good idea. The automotive oil is designed to be compatible with catalytic converters and other emission control devices on automotive engines, and doesn't have the additives needed for motorcycle engines or transmissions. Try a good...
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    507 Oil in Non-TDI?

    Yup, just looked at some 507.00 oil I bought for our no longer here Jetta TDI, and it says VW 507.00/VW 504.00, so it looks like I didn't waste money buying it and will use it in our Golf gasser. I'd be willing to bet real money that the oil spec for the 1.4T is the same as for the 1.8T.
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    Rear door closing aid for short folks

    My wife was looking on the internet this morning and found a method for closing the rear door on a Golf for the vertically challenged which she tried. It worked for her, but I'm not so sure about how good it is for the rear window's plastic trim. The method is to pull down on the rear window...
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    Rear door closing aid for short folks

    kjclow, I checked again and think a strap through the access panel for the latch will work without modifying anything. I'm thinking of some maybe half inch dowels on the ends of the strap for handles, and if this works I'll post again. Should be a simple and inexpensive fix. I can pull the...
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    Rear door closing aid for short folks

    That's kind of what I was afraid of, and when it's icy I'd hate for her to lose her on a bar and fall. Maybe a couple of straps would be the best idea, something she could grab with both hands completely through the loops. I just looked and think that a piece of strap with loops on each end...
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    Rear door closing aid for short folks

    I'll have to take another look. The All Track just has the recesses for hand grabs which work fine for me, but not the boss lady who can't reach them and doesn't have the finger strength to hang on if she could.
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    S or SEL GSW

    Aside from being cheap we're happy with our S, and don't need all the stuff on the SEL. I learned how to park a car nearly 60 years ago and haven't forgotten - yet.
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    Rear door closing aid for short folks

    That's what I thought, but didn't want to have to drill holes in the plastic inner door liner.
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    Sportwagen rear license plate frame

    The rear plate was no sweat on our 17 GSW All Track, four #10x1/2" stainless Phillips sheetmetal screws work a charm. The front is a pain in the rump though. Very careful drilling with a hand (not power) drill and an appropriate sized bit for #10 same size screws as the rear works without...
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    Rear door closing aid for short folks

    We bought a GSW All Track and both my wife and I like it, except for one thing. She's barely 5' tall and can't reach the rear door to close it when it's raised. She's tried a stool, but that's not a very stable solution on any kind of slope or slippery surface. I've looked at the inside of...
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    GSW/Alltrack 1.8T TSI EA888 - Prospective Buyer Discussion Thread

    We bought a '17 GSW All Track TSI S which our buy back nearly paid for and which my barely 5' wife finds comfortable to enter and exit and which she finds has good visibility. We didn't want or need the stuff on the SE or SEL, and are very happy with the All Track. Only one fill-up so far, but...
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    Thanks to everyone

    The shysters, er, I mean people at the local VW dealer sold us a '17 GSW All Track S since my wife wanted an AWD vehicle for winter driving although she doesn't drive in the snow. They gave us a pretty good price on it, and my wife liked it after a test drive. What's funny is they asked what...
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    A buyback status new to me: VWGoA Online Claims Portal - Documents Complete

    We got our papers in to the court, whoever, although it took two tries it was done in about a week or less, and got our Jetta TDI turned in officially last Friday, 5 May 17, and were told that it could take up to 10 or more days to get our funds via EFT. Sometime overnight (they do the...
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    Buyback nightmare

    We did the official buy back this last Friday, 5 May 17, and early this morning got the email from Chase (VW's bank) to call them to get out our banking info. My wife's been handling all this, she's got the patience to do it, and aside from saying that the website was the most screwed up thing...
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    Prophylactic check on my “DARK” engine oil

    Oil used to even come in metal cans lads, then the cardboard/paper cans then plastic. Never saw the glass bottles. Diesels will turn oil black like road tar in just starting an engine after an oil change, that's the way they are. And there are folks who have apparently never heard of the...
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    My 2013 Passat burned 4 quarts in 12,000 miles?

    Our '13 Jetta, sadly now gone, used maybe a cup of oil when brand new, then nothing at all for the next 26k. Something wrong. Either they didn't fill it with oil, or if they're using 505 instead of 507 maybe that's the problem.