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    WTB New Beetle- Montana

    ALL the beetles need woik....believe me....I own three.
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    Rocker rust dilemma

    "Progress" is not always logical. Look at what is going on in our country. Just, of course, an example.
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    Hail damage!

    How horrible. Ya, do as the "dyke" sez in #10 above. I hate to see this happen.....but, body panels are my bread and butter................................
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    2003 Jetta Wagon 75k Miles.. How Much?

    He only photos..........
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    Rocker rust dilemma

    On much SMALLER rust areas, I have used Rust-bullit from Summit racing. The stuff solidified the rust and stopped advancement. But, in surface is apples and bananas compared to your carnage. Let it keep going and put a fake dinosaur in the back seat and pretend you are Fred...
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    Pump lost prime

    Better camera AND blindfolded wiss several beers in his gutt.. THAT I wanna see.
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    Rocker rust dilemma

    THAT'S not structural? Really? If not, then how much farther up in there IS structural? I'm in the process of throwing away a car with far less rot.
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    Gas in 04 mk4

    Buy her some walking shoes and smile when you present them to her.
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    Rear caliper Piston won’t retract

    I never regret taking the time to thoroughly flush ALL the old brake fluid out. I rarely need to replace calipers.
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    Clutch release pilot. Gunna have to land it yourself.
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    ALH cylinder head replacement destroyed lifters - help me understand what went wrong

    No, ts is correct. Most machine shops will bore alh engines and the old 1.6 diesels to .003 pretty-much every time......unless you stand there with a 12 gauge against their temple. Young guys.....side-ways ball caps, etc. I take heads from my employer/Ford dealership for drop-off repair. I get...
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    Engine Rebuild ALH

    The block must ONLY be bored to VERY specific tolerances or it is like shooting yourself in the leg. Most machine shops (I cringe just saying the words!) will not bore to such tight piston clearance. Pwaise dee Laurd that my local intelligent guys are still in business.....but, they are getting...
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    Engine Rebuild ALH

    Well then.....hire Mr. How. I believe he is the cousin of the famed Mr. Who. But, that is only what I have been told.
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    ALH cylinder head replacement destroyed lifters - help me understand what went wrong

    Did you lay out the lifters (were they new or old?) upside down (and allow them to stay in that position) for a good while prior to assembly? That would be with the working face down. Some "mechanics" argue this is not necessary. I always do it and I never have any problem such as you have allowed.
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    Need help keeping my ALH wagon out of the salvage yard

    In the past here, there have been several threads regarding this topic. $7800 average price? Pinocchio that.
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    Timing belt tensioner failure

    The myth that the alh engine is indestructible is a retarded myth. Yes, they are quite durable if comprehensively taken care of. But, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Just like the older 1.6 diesels, they wear their exhaust guides and etch their exhaust seats more than gasoline...
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    How old is too old?

    Naw....go buy some BRAND NEW vehicle and make payments. I work at a dealership. It will be wonderful to see you after the sale.
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    Suspension 1.9 to 3.2

    I've heard and HAD sump damage with "normal" suspension. I can't imagine having any stupid desire to do such. My 1.5 cents.
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    Moving on from MKIV ?

    A whole bunch of mediocre mares is always better than one big stallion.